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There isn’t much more exciting than heading off to Disney World, finally getting to the Magic Kingdom and seeing the castle reveal like it was out of a movie. This is what everybody thinks about when heading to Disney. what most people don’t think about is do they have the best bag for Disney World? This may seem like a small detail but having the right bag for your Disney vacation can really add to the enjoyment of your trip. If your bag is uncomfortable, too big, too small and/or anything in between it can wear on you after a long day walking around the parks.

We have been going to Disney World for a long time and have learned the hard way how a lackluster bag can become a real problem and one that you wouldn’t really expect to be thinking about on your trip. For that reason, we set out to design our very own bag that fit our needs for what we needed while roaming around the parks, the goal in mind was to create the best bag for Disney World that we possibly¬†could. So if you’re in the same boat and looking for a backpack for your trip to Disney then we think you’ll love this bag.

Some Features Of The Mountain Trekker Bag


  • Comes With 6 Month Hassle Free Warranty
  • Original Mountain Trekker Design (Based on the Magic Kingdom Mountains)
  • Nylon Material, High Abrasion Resistance & Highly Tear Resistant
  • 50L Capacity
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Can Store Up To a 15.6 Inch Laptop
  • High-Quality YKK Zippers
  • Plenty of pockets, such as elastic side pockets, inside key pocket, front pockets etc
  • Stores easily & is super lightweight so it travels easily whether it’s on a flight or a cramped car


Who Is This Bag Perfect For?

We understand not everybody has the exact same needs when it comes to finding the best bag for Disney World. So who is this bag a perfect fit for? This is a perfect bag for those that are looking for a lightweight bag that will allow for them to carry some food, couple of water bottles, some extra clothes and other small things that you may need when in the parks.

If you are needing a bag to allow you to haul around a lot of photography equipment, your entire family’s lunch for the day and other things that would require a large backpack to accomplish. The Mountain Trekker bag is for those with small to moderate hauling needs.

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