The 5 Best Disney Scented Candles


Whenever I have been to any of the Disney Parks (specifically Disney World & Disneyland), you’ll always notice they are filled with all sorts of smells. This is by design of course as you’ll notice when you’re at Disney World that line queues, resorts, restaurants and more have specific scents. This is on purpose as they aren’t lighting any Disney candles (otherwise known as Disney scented candles) in the queues but they pump specific smells into specific areas of the parks to enhance the guest experience.

What if you could bring those smells home and have them all the time? Wouldn’t it be great to walk into your house and smell something that instantly reminds you of a happy memory on vacation or makes you think of your favorite character or movie?

The good news is if you have ever wanted this, you’re not the only one as there is an entire genre of candle companies out there dedicated to Disney. For this reason I started a search online for the Best Disney Scented Candles so that I could bring part of the magic of the Disney parks into our home. I knew going in there were a handful of companies out there that focus primarily on Disney candles. I sought them out, placed some orders and did some testing to see which ones were the best.

Below you can read about the criteria of how we ranked the candles and then our rankings for the best Disney candles.

The Elements of Great Disney Scented Candle Companies

Candles are obviously a great way to help your home or office smell great but when it comes to Disney candles people are looking for smells that remind them of their favorite Disney character, Disney movie and or a smell that brings them back to a memory from a trip to the Disney Parks.

With that being the goal in mind the elements we look for in ranking the best Disney scented Candles are:

Disney Scent & Scents Available

This might seem a little obvious but the biggest factor in ranking Disney scented candle companies is how good is the scent. Is it too weak or too strong, is it accurate in the smell it’s attempting to emulate and/or does it create the emotion that it’s intending to create. Also the amount of Disney candles they have available in their catalog is a factor but we don’t weigh it near as much as the scent itself.


No matter the product or candle, price is always a factor when evaluating and ranking candle companies. Some Disney candles are more expensive than others, just like how Apple Computers are more expensive than Dell computers. Many believe Apple is worth the increased cost, while others are fine with a more budget friendly computer. If a candle is more expensive but is a better overall product we will note that but won’t knock it down but if a candle is more expensive and is not a better product then that will definitely hurt it in the rankings.


To us branding and product presentation in a candle company is a factor and while we recognize it doesn’t have anything to do with the way a candle smells, it can and does help in the overall experience and emotion it creates. Not that a candle brand is going to be able to do what Disney does but to us we look at the branding and presentation in the lens of are they trying to recreate an experience the way that Disney does. Meaning do they pay attention to the small details that help create a greater overall experience.


One thing we do pay attention to is the longevity of a candle. Does it last a good amount of time or does it burn quicker than others. It’s one of those things where if the candle smells great but burns quicker vs others it’s not as big a deal but if a candle doesn’t have a great scent and it burns quicker then of course that’s not a good thing.

All these elements combined help create our candle ranking system and go into our final rankings. The biggest thing we are looking for is the scent of the candle as that’s the purpose of a candle but ideally there is a candle that smells great, has great branding/presentation, a solid price and it lasts a good amount of time.

The Best Disney Candles in 2022

Below you will find our rankings for the best Disney scented candles you can find on the market in 2022.

1) 1901 Candle Co.

If you’re a fan of subtle Disney nods then you’ll love this as the brand 1901 Candle Company is inspired by the year Walt Disney was born so it’s an homage to Walt and the spirit of the company is based on Walt’s ingenuity and innovation.

They also took a different route than many other Disney Scented Candles and created a lot of scents inspired by Disney characters like Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Captain America, Loki and more! 

They have candle scents from the Disney Parks as well with candles based on Main Street, Dole Whip and even one inspired by Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We loved the creativity behind their scents and the simple but yet elegant branding.

As a newer company they have a lot of competition out there but they have clearly put a lot of time and effort into developing some fantastic scents. They also use a proprietary blend of soy and paraffin wax for a fantastic scent throw but also maintaining a longer burn time from each candle. Basically that means you get more value out of each candle as you will get to smell the fantastic smells longer than most other brands we tested.

1901 Candle Company is our top pick and we we know you’ll love them as well, so just for  coming across this article you can save 15% off your first order by using the promo code “WALT“! 

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2) Magic Candle Company

Magic Candle Company is probably the most well known when it comes to Disney candles and it’s for good reason, their candles smell great. I was surprised to find out how on-point their scents were and how well they can fill a room. They have smells from resorts, rides, foods, you name it. These candles bring you right inside Disney and will help you reignite that Disney World magic.

One thing I like about Magic Candle Company is they use wooden wicks. Wood wicks are easy to use – the flame is horizontal, which means your candle will achieve a more even flame and the candle will melt much more even. Due to the use of the wooden wicks there is minimal carbon buildup that you will find many times with traditional candle wicks.

To top it off they have a huge variety of Disney candles and it can be tough to pick a favorite. Pirate Life is one of their top sellers and I would say it’s one of my favorite candle scents they have. I was initially skeptical and felt it would smell like a wet basement, but has come to be one of my family’s favorite scents. They also have wax melts and other Disney World scented products as well. This is a solid company with great Disney candles that you will be sure to love.

3) Wishes Candle Co.

Wishes Candle Co. is relatively new candle company making waves in the Disney World candle scene, and for good reason. One of our favorite things about Wishes Candle Co. is that the candles they create truly live up to their titles. Each scent smells just like you’d imagine it would – including the Bag of Beignets or Life’s Bare Necessities. There’s something special-feeling about lighting a Life’s Bare Necessities candle when your life feels bare to its core.

The candles they use are made from high quality soy wax pellets which burn cleanly, sootless and create very little smoke. They also have a reputation for being a strong smelling candle which is important if you’re looking to fill an entire room with scent.

They also have great presentation and branding with their simple but yet elegant glass candle containers with black lids. The way they do their branding it creates a since of elegance and style to an already great product.

I ordered two candles from Wishes Candle Co and I can say that they are some of my favorite scents out of many other Disney candles I have purchased. Personally, the scents I ordered remind me of the fall time and holidays with family. The two scents I chose were Butterfly Grove and the Eau de Toilete.

As a warning, the scent of the Butterfly Grove candle is quite strong. I would not recommend it to anyone who is sensitive to strong scents, like I am. The scent was very lovely and I enjoyed it with the windows and doors wide open. The Eau de Toilete on the other hand was a lovely scent with a stronger hint of vanilla. I would highly recommend both of the scents to people. I believe they are available on their website.

4) Spireside Candles

Spireside Candles are a candle company known for their Disney candles but more specifically they’re well-known for their food scents, which is why I’m telling you that if you’re a fan of Disney food (like myself!), then these candles are worth buying.

They offer candles and wax melts, plus they have a variety of scents that range from scents emulating Main Street to specific rides at Disney like Splash Mountain and more. If you love the smell of an old library, they have that! If you’d rather pair your candles with the smell of your favorite summertime treat, they have that! Looking to make your car smell like your favorite Disney born princess? They have that! You won’t run out of options because there are so many different scents and options for you to choose from!

Spireside Candle Company offers high quality scented candles with a wide array of scents to choose from. Since they’re a small business, they’re able to give people great deals and prices that they’re sure you’ll enjoy. What’s even better is they’re able to provide complimentary shipping! They also offer free samples of all the candles you purchase along with a loyalty program. They are definitely one fo the best out there and worth a try for sure.

5) Walter & Rosie

Walter and Rosie candle company have made some changes recently and one being in how they package their Disney candles. They used to use tins but now have switched to glass containers which provide an elegant look and feel. But beyond the packaging their scents are really good! The Main Street Bakery candles are my personal favorite. They have a pastry shop-like smell so if you love baking, you will definitely enjoy them! And you can smell each individual scent. Their candles last a long time because they are so well-made. I highly recommend them to everyone – wouldn’t you like the smell of baking in your house?

If you’re an avid Disney collector or fan when it comes to merchandise, you just might take some of Disneyland Deluxe Candles back home with you. The scent of the candle does a great job in carrying quite far which is why we recommend burning them safely in a fire-safe container, but even so they make for excellent aromas to bask in if you can handle any curious sniffers wondering what smells better than dining on delightful home cooked meals!


We hope you enjoyed our post about the best Disney scented candles on the market today. There are so many things to love about candles, but especially Disney scented candles. From the way they smell to the way that they set the mood and bring in a flood of memories. They are a great addition to any house, and are especially great if you are looking for a subtle way to decorate as well.

If you are looking for a great candle that will help you to relax there are plenty of choices that we listed above that will help you are sure to love. If you are looking for the best candles out there, we hope this post has helped you to find the perfect one for your home. If you have questions about our post or would like to learn about some other great candles, please contact us anytime and be sure to check out some of our other articles like answering the question What Is The Best Stroller For Disney World?


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