Why Use Disney Travel Agencies To Book Your Walt Disney World Trip


Did you know that Disney is more than just Walt Disney World and Disneyland? Disney also offers theme parks throughout the world, in places such as Tokyo, Paris, and Shanghai. In addition to theme parks, Disney also offers vacations on the sea through the Disney Cruise Line, and exotic adventures through Adventures by Disney. So, you see, Disney has a lot to offer, and a travel agent specializing in Disney destinations can help you make the most out of your next vacation to any of Disney’s magical locations. However, in this post, we are going to concentrate on how a Disney Vacation Planner can help you plan your next Walt Disney World vacation.

Taking a vacation anywhere takes a lot of planning, but for those that choose to take a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, it’s more complicated than almost any other travel destination, and seems to get more so every year. This is why using an experienced and professional Disney Travel Agent (also known as Disney Vacation Planners) have become extremely valuable for families planning their vacations to one of the many Disney destinations! With the variety of activities, theme parks, fast passes, restaurants, and numerous hotel options, a person can go crazy trying to organize and plan a trip to Walt Disney World! Fastpass planning alone can be tricky business, and can be a maze of confusion! If you are thinking of heading to Walt Disney World, or in the midst of planning your trip to Walt Disney World, we strongly recommend using a authorized Disney travel agency available.

Authorized Disney travel agencies have been approved officially and are identified as such. These Disney vacation planners are knowledgeable about all things Walt Disney World, Adventures By Disney, Disney Cruise bookings, Disneyland Resort trips and even Universal Orlando trips. They complete multiple hours of education to start their career, take continuing education each year to keep up with all of the changes, regularly plan Disney vacations, and do their best to get you the most out of your next trip. While you could use a non-authorized Disney travel agent, you would be missing out on how much an authorized Disney travel agency can help you navigate those muddy, trip planning waters. We have mapped out some benefits to using an authorized Disney travel agent below.

1) The Best Disney Travel Agents Do All The Work For You

The planning that goes into traveling to ANY destination takes some time, but a Disney Cruise or a Disney World vacation are a whole other ball game! You have to be organized and actively involved in planning in order to maximize what you can do on your trip. You have to remember when to make dining and Fastpass reservations, keep an eye on special discounts that get released, choose the best hotel for your needs (there are a lot of options), figure out transportation, and SOOOOO much more. The good news is that Disney vacation planners can take care of ALL of this for you! Because they are usually seasoned travel agents, experienced in planning vacations to many different destinations, they are used to keeping track of these things for others. Especially for those that haven’t been to Disney World before, these agents are lifesavers, make the planning process a breeze, and help you get the most out of a trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth!

2) The Best Disney Travel Agencies Are Available To You Anytime of the Day

Because most travel agents plan Disney vacations from their homes, their schedules can be flexible in when they choose to work. Some like 9-5 business hours as with most traditional professional jobs, while others find a few hours here and there throughout the day. And since agents have access to their computers or smartphones almost all of the time, it is easy to contact them. Most check their emails multiple times per day, so their response time can be quick. These agents would probably be unhappy that I mention this as a benefit, but it is very true that they try to be as accessible as possible to their clients. Your travel agent’s availability to you a huge benefit, so please, try not to text your travel agent at 1am.

3) Disney Vacation Planners Have Vacationed There Many Times

What I really like about using the best Disney vacation planners is that they most likely love Disney, and have visited one or more Disney destination themselves! So, they have first-hand experience about being there, which helps in their business of planning vacations for others. You wouldn’t think that this would be that important, but I can guarantee that a travel agent that enjoys traveling to a place that you are wanting to travel to also is such a perk. Ask yourself: for a travel agent that has never traveled to the place you want to go, especially to a place with such a complex planning process, will they be able to navigate the planning waters and give you the best advice possible? So, while a non-Disney travel agent can book your trip, and I’m sure they would do a good job, but do they know how to best plan it? We all want to have the perfect vacation, and the best travel agents like giving their clients the best opportunities to have an incredible trip through the knowledge from their own experiences.

4) You Don’t Pay Them To Book Your Trip!

How cool is it that you don’t have pay any fees to have a travel agent book your Disney vacation? For booking your hotel accommodations and tickets, and possibly other activities on Disney property, their sole commission comes directly from Disney themselves, so you don’t pay the travel agency anything extra! Most authorized Disney Planners will help you secure those perfect fast passes and make your dining reservations, get that pampering session at the resort spa, and provide all of the tips and tricks you could ever want. They’ll work with you and help you with as much or as little of the planning as you want. It’s like having a really good friend that knows so much more than you do about Disney, plan your trip. Not too long ago, I thought that you had to pay for their services, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out I did not. I am now more likely to use one for my own vacations in the future! Do understand, however, that if you are not booking a full vacation package (for example, you are only booking a hotel reservation or purchasing tickets), they MAY charge a fee if you would like assistance with things like booking fast passes and dining reservations. Not all authorized Disney Travel Agents do this, but prefer to some do as part of their business, and their knowledge and services are extremely worth it.


5) They Work To Get You The Best Deals & Discounts Offered

You might think, “Well, they work off commissions, then they will want to make me pay the most for my trip, right?” That is actually incorrect. Disney travel agents really do enjoy finding and getting you the best rates for your vacation, whether that is for vacation packages, or just hotels and tickets. For example, if new discounts are released after they have booked your trip, most trip planners will re-book everything with the lower price. Do they have to do this? Well, no. But trip planners love building trust with their clients so that they will use their services for future trips. It would be really easy for them to ignore lower rates just to get a higher payout, but that is a one-time thing, and their clients could move to a different agency if they know their agent wasn’t honest or willing to put the work in. The best Disney travel trip planners scour for discounts daily in getting your best bang for your buck.

Those are just a few of the numerous benefits of using an authorized Disney travel agent for booking a Disney World trip. I like knowing that using an agent takes most of the stress out of trip planning. And with everyone’s busy lives, who has all that time to plan their own vacations anymore? I’m glad there is an option that as a frequent Disney World vacationer, I feel comfortable using.

Although there are MANY travel agencies to choose from that specialize in planning for Disney destinations, we highly recommend Capture the Magic Vacations! Not only do they have a cool name (we do not own this company, just have a very similar name), but their agents are amazing! Capture the Magic Vacations is a travel agency that primarily books Central Florida vacations, focusing mostly on Disney World and Universal Orlando. Yet, they are so helpful in booking to not only ANY of the Disney destinations, but anywhere in the world! You can just tell they love helping out families so much, and as a client, you will know you’re taken care of and getting the best service!

Before you travel for your Walt Disney World vacation, be sure to check out our best Disney World vloggers article to make sure you don’t forget any essentials before you leave. And of course be sure to listen to the Capture The Magic Podcast for the latest Disney news, travel tips and more for your trip.


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