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When it comes to planning Disney vacations like Disney World Resort or Disney Cruise you can read all the blogs, listen to all the podcasts (Capture The Magic Podcast is always a great option :)), watch YouTube videos and/or ask your neighbor that went 3 years ago. While all those things are undoubtably helpful, it pales in comparison and ease of mind that comes from the best Authorized Disney Vacation Planners can provide.

Authorized Disney vacation planners do a lot more than just book your room for you. They are basically your travel assistant, guiding you through the entire process from start to finish. Helping you to plan the best days to hit Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Disney Springs, the water parks, getting park tickets, if you should do a moderate resort or value resort, and more… free of charge!

They will have first hand knowledge of all the aspects of the Disney parks because they have gone many times, stayed at the resorts, rode the rides, seen the shows and know the insider info that can help you experience the Disney Magic like you see on the commercials.

They can also help you plan for different Disney destinations like Disneyland, booking for the Disney Cruise line and more.

Capture The Magic's Travel Agency Of Choice: Zip Travel Co

If you’ve listened to Capture The Magic much then you know we go to the Walt Disney World Resort a lot since we live within a couple of hours of the parks. On top of going to the parks we have small kids, we run multiple businesses and just lead busy lives. We can’t even begin to explain how much easier Zip Travel Co makes our lives because we use them exclusively to setup all our trips for us.

What sets Zip Travel Co as the Best Disney Travel Agency are their agents. They are true travel professionals and in our opinion, the best Disney travel agents around. They are not just people who do it as a spare time hobby or are just in it for the perks that travel agents can get. From the moment you work with them you know they want to help you have a trip to Disney World that you will remember forever.

Every Zip Travel Co agent is a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge program and they must take continuing education classes every year to remain certified and up to date on the latest with the Disney Parks. However, true knowledge goes beyond reading stacks of paperwork – and it’s what Zip really values when they are looking for Official Disney Travel Planners.

Zip agents go to the parks, many times staying at a Disney hotel, they also go to the holiday parties, Epcot festivals, new attractions and they’ve even stayed at all the Disney resorts and have seen all the rooms the resorts have to offer. They even go on Disney cruise sailings, go to Disneyland and more so when it comes to Disney planning they can give you first hand advice about what would be best in your situation based on your budget, likes, dislikes and other trip details.

Their agents are also staying on top of the latest news, trends and deals that Disney is offering. They will make sure you are getting the best price available, even after your trip is locked in!

No matter if you are looking to travel on a smaller budget or if you’re looking to splurge on a wonderful vacation, Zip Travel Co is there to help you have a magical Disney trip. You’ll love their knowledgeable & customer service driven agents to help you get the most out of your trip no matter how big or small your budget may be. So let the best Disney vacation agents save you time, money and your sanity when planning a Disney World Resort vacation.

Get a Free, no obligation quote from Zip Travel Co by clicking the button below or head to

5 Reasons You Should Use An Authorized Disney Vacation Planner

1) Their Services Are Free!

This may come as surprise to many but when you use a certified Disney World Vacation Planners, their services to help you book your trip is completely free. When it comes to setting up your Disney hotel accommodations and tickets, and possibly other activities on Walt Disney World property, their sole commission comes directly from Disney themselves.

A Disney World planner may be free to you but what they can do for you in terms of helping you to plan a great trip and take stress off your shoulders invaluable. The can help you make those hard to get dining reservations, schedule that pampering session at the resort spa, and of course provide all of the tips and tricks you could ever want.

Do understand, however, that if you are not planning a full vacation package (for example, you are only going to do a hotel reservation or purchasing tickets), some travel agencies MAY charge a fee if you would like assistance with things like planning Genie Plus and dining options. Not all authorized Disney Agencies do this (Zip Travel Co doesn’t charge), but prefer to some do as part of their business, and their knowledge and services are extremely worth it.

To give you a better idea of what you are getting for FREE by using an authorized Disney Travel Agent:

  • A dedicated and knowledgeable resource that you can turn to when you have questions or need some advice about your trip

  • An authorized Disney vacation agent that will help you create and execute an amazing trip

  • They will help you or plan your Advanced Dining Reservations for you according to what you would like

  • Take loads of stress of your shoulders by having someone that can handle the small details of your trip, remind you about certain planning deadlines, provide tips on Genie Plus, Individual Lightning Lane attractions and more

  • Save you money by letting you know about sales, discounts and other money saving opportunities pertinent to your vacation

  • Is a great resource with a vast Disney knowledge

  • They can also help you book additional concierge level services like VIP tours, fireworks cruises, etc

2) they will get you the best pricing available

Disney planners will work to find and get you the best rates possible for your vacation, whether that is for vacation packages, or just hotels and tickets. For example, if new discounts are released after you have booked your trip, most trip planners will re-do everything with the lower price.

You may think this works against their best interest since they work off commissions but Disney planners love building trust with their clients and will go above and beyond to help you not only have a magical vacation but save money as well. In fact, the top Disney planners scour for discounts daily in getting their clients the best bang for their buck.

For instance, if a newer and improved deal gets released, Disney travel agents can modify your reservation to the best offer that is available now and if you are using Zip Travel you won’t even have to ask, they’ll just do it for you. We can assure you that you won’t find that type of service when you plan your trip yourself nor will Disney do something like that for you.


3) Knowledge And Experience At Your Disposal

As most things in life, you can do many things yourself (DIY) if you want to save money but if you hire a professional they will simply do it better. But, unlike when you hire a plumber, carpenter or other professional, a Disney Travel Agent actually doesn’t charge you anything and you still get all the experience and knowledge at your disposal.

A vacation to Disney World is like no other vacation you’ll plan for. Disney World is twice the size of Orlando and nearly ten times the size of Manhattan Island. That’s a whole lot of theme parks, restaurants, experiences and more available to you. Without knowing the lay of the land it will quickly become overwhelming and unless you feel like getting a Master’s Degree in Disney Trip Planning (figuratively speaking) then using Disney vacation planners is going to be your best option.

Like many things in life, when someone has actual hands on experience it’s 10x more valuable than if someone just read it in a book or heard it from a friend. The same goes for planning and executing a great Walt Disney World Vacation. Having someone that is involved in helping you plan your trip from beginning to end that has hands on experience being at the Disney Parks more times than they can probably count is almost invaluable. The best part about this is not only do you have someone that is giving you advice and tips from 1st hand experience but it doesn’t cost you any extra vs if you tried to do it all yourself. The time you will save alone is worth it.


While everyone knows about princesses, princes, all the rides and fireworks at at Walt Disney World, one of the biggest attractions for many is the food at Disney. You can make eating at Disney a vacation in itself as there are a plethora of top tier dining options all over Walt Disney World Resort.

As you may expect these dining options are highly coveted and many can be hard to book, which is why some people who go to Disney frequently enjoy planning their trip themselves but one thing they get frustrated with and will let a Disney Travel Agent take care of is getting dining options lined out for them.

5) The Sheer Convenience

Gold standard customer support and providing convenience for clients really goes hand in hand. By using excellent customer service, the top Disney planners work with you to help you find the different elements that make up a magical Disney Vacation. Therefore, you can plan better and get some pixie dust that reduce your stress that way.

While reading, listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos about Disney World trip planning is fun, a lot of that is in theory and the reality is planning your trip to the Disney World Resort is hard work. Sifting through sightseeing guides and blogs will many times make it even more confusing than when you started, particularly if you’re considering all of the components that go in to planning a Disney World Vacation.

Ready To Book Your Vacation?

If you’re ready to get your trip going with an Authorized Disney vacation package or you are curious about a quote for a Disney World Theme Park Vacation, Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland, Adventures by Disney, and/or Universal Studios then we recommend reaching out to Zip Travel Co.

They are the the travel agency we use to plan all our Walt Disney World Theme Park vacation planning and we can atest to their customer service and reputation first hand.

We believe you will love them as well and if you book at least a 3 night package at then we will also throw in some free gifts! You’ll get:

  • Free Capture The Magic Apparel Shirt

  • $10 In Shop Credit in the CTM Shop

  • Zip Travel will leave a gift for you at your hotel

So whether you are ready to get your trip setup or you have some questions, contact Zip Travel for a free quote by going to or clicking the button below.

Of course don’t forget to listen to the Capture The Magic Podcast for the latest Disney news, travel tips, YouTube updates and more for your next trip.


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