Best Disney World Vloggers of 2023


The anticipation of what hotel you will stay at, the places you will eat, and the attractions you will experience is so exciting. Years ago all you had was the excitement to help get you through those weeks/months/years of waiting until your trip, but today you can watch Disney World Vloggers to make it seem like you are at the parks and they can help get you through all that planning and waiting.

The best Walt Disney vloggers bring you along for the journey, and while it’s not as good as being in the parks, it’s the next best thing. It’s also a great way to get some insight, tips and other things you can use on your next trip to the most magical place on earth just by joining along on the fun with a Disney World vlog. With how quickly things change in the parks today, the some of the best Walt Disney World content comes in the form of Disney World YouTube channels. These channels contain vlogs, which are an invaluable resource to help you stay on top of all recent changes, construction updates, new restaurants and much more. Given that these changes can and will probably affect your next Walt Disney World trip to some degree, Disney World YouTube channels really can become a great resource in your Disney planning. So we know Disney World vloggers can be a great resource for fun, entertainment, and education the next question you may be asking yourself is what are the best Disney World YouTube channels of 2022? We will set out to answer that question for you and direct you to some fantastic Disney World vloggers that you should check out.

best walt disney world youtube channels review

Since we watch a lot of Disney World Vloggers and even have one ourselves, we are here to help you find the best ones for you. Not only is each YouTube channel family friendly, they are all extremely entertaining, and will bring you right into the parks. Below you’ll find the Disney World Vloggers we love and recommend you check out as well.

Capture The Magic 

Probably doesn’t take much digging to realize this is our very own YouTube channel, so if you’re curious how Disney vloggers & podcasters navigate Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and other theme parks with 2 small children, then we’ve got content to help you out.

We cover many Walt Disney World Resort topics like general Walt Disney Company news, the best Disney World resorts, snacks, food, rides, new things in the Disney Parks and more! Since we moved from Missouri to Florida more than 2 years ago we frequent the parks at least once a month so we have content that includes some of the latest things in the parks. Along with vlogs we also record video versions of our podcast (which has over a million downloads and counting) for those that would rather watch the show vs listening in traditional podcast form. We also have topical videos we are currently in the process of producing so between vlogs, the podcast and specific topical videos, Capture The Magic has got you covered.

resort tv 

Resort TV is not your typical Disney vloggers but if you’re looking for a more POV of Walt Disney World and you enjoy long livestreams vs shorter vlogs then you’ll enjoy Resort TV. They have a lot of long content and do mostly livestreams where they walk through the parks and interact with their chat as they do so. As a YouTube channel they have a very interactive channel and you can tell this brother and sister duo really enjoy what they’re doing.

As a bonus they also have everyone’s favorite Disney In Room Loops to make you feel like you’re at your favorite resort… even if you are 1,000’s of miles away. So whether you want to act like you’re in the theme parks or in the resort hotels, they have a lot of content to help you feel like you’re really there.

Tom Does Disney 

A relative newcomer to Disney World vloggers is Tom Does Disney but we have been enjoying his content for a while now and felt it was time to include him in our Disney World vloggers roundup. He also has a pretty big following on Instagram so if YouTube isn’t really your thing then you can still follow along with him on Instagram as well.

As it is with most of the Disney vloggers on this list he also covers Universal Studios as well so if you are also into what Universal has to offer you’ll enjoy his content for that as well. He does weekly vlogs on YouTube but he does do daily stories on Instagram so he has content going on some level almost all the time.

Jones Family Travels  

There are very few Disney vlogs on YouTube that feature families with children and since we have children as well Jones Family Travels has always been a favorite in the Disney vloggers sphere. Most Disney vloggers are couples, which makes sense since being Disney World vloggers is not super easy with kids, but it’s very refreshing to see a close-knit family vlog about their travel experiences.

It’s definitely a different take and point of view having children in front of the camera as they talk about their opinions on certain attractions, hotels, etc. And this family travels EVERYWHERE, not just Disney, so this vlog is a great option for you if you enjoy following this particular family in places other than the Disney theme parks. They are into their 8th year of vlogging and they also have Disney Cruise Line content as well. I encourage those interested in checking out this channel to go back to earlier vlogs and see how the kids have grown and changed, as well as their opinions of Disney.

Big Fat Panda  

Although not one of your traditional Disney World vloggers per say, but Big Fat Panda (aka John Saccheri) has been a part of the Disney community for many years. He hosts a monthly talk show on YouTube and posts clips of Disney World related content, in a format he calls “Pandavision.” Since he has been around the Disney media community for over 10 years, he has a ton of knowledge and experiences with Disney World first hand. You can see him attend special events and be in the parks with him, and it feels like you are really there!

Tim Tracker  

If you have watched any kind of Disney vlogs before, I have no doubt that you have heard of this guy, Tim Tracker. With over 800,000 subscribers, it’s safe to say that Tim and his family, are the most popular Disney World vloggers on Youtube. They also cover content about Universal Theme Parks as well as some Disney news and other Orlando area things to do.

Most of the time, their YouTube channel covers Universal Studios Florida and Disney Parks and Resorts, but every so often there are ones about their home life, other Florida theme parks, and special events they attend. They also do a weekly video chat and mail video on YouTube that is live to the audience. Personally, I feel that Tim and Jenn together are very fun and interesting to watch. Because they have done SO MANY videos since they started vlogging in 2009, they’ve gotten very good at videography. Tim has a good grasp on filming, while Jenn is a master editor.

In Conclusion

It’s probably no secret that there are a lot of Disney World vloggers and there are plenty of good Disney YouTube channels out there to choose from. There are only so much time in a day that we can watch Disney World Vloggers so it’s nothing personal if some weren’t listed that you or others enjoy. So, needless to say, it can be hard to judge what are the best Disney World vloggers out there today but hopefully, the list above has helped you in seeing some of the best, and ones that you can check out soon. Whether you have an upcoming Disney trip planned or not, sometimes it is just nice to watch other people enjoying their time in Disney parks. Whatever the reason you watch Disney vlogs is, you can’t go wrong if you choose one from our list! If you enjoyed this article then you should check out some other articles we’ve got, like our article answering the question “Can You Bring Food Into Disney World?”

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