The 8 Best Quick Service Options at Hollywood Studios

Best Quick Service At Hollywood Studios

With a lot of big changes happening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you may want to spend more time visiting the new attractions and less time on your breaks to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Instead of booking a few Table Service restaurants, you might be more interested in Quick Service options. You may assume that quick service options are all the same and it’s just the usual chicken nuggets, burgers and hot dogs but if this is what you assume then you’ll be happy to learn that the quick service options at Hollywood Studios are varied, inventive and delicious menu options in various locations throughout the park. So if you’re heading to Hollywood Studios on your next trip and are curious about the quick service options available, then continue reading below as we list out our choices for Best Quick Service at Hollywood Studios.

The Best Quick Service At Hollywood Studios

Below you will find our picks for the best quick service at Hollywood Studios and what we recommend at each place.

Woody’s Lunch Box (Toy Story Land)

We kick off our best quick service at Hollywood Studios review over at Toy Story Land. After enjoying Slinky Dog Dash or Toy Story Mania, but before moving on to Disney’s latest attraction, Galaxy’s Edge, why not consider a tasty bite from this, the best little quick service eatery in Andy’s Backyard, Woody’s Lunch Box! Offering a variety of popular favorites of kids of all ages with a Mid-West twist, Woody’s Lunch Box is quickly becoming a favorite among park-goers at Hollywood Studios.

Stop by for breakfast and enjoy a tasty Breakfast Bowl or Smores French Toast Sandwich, or pick up a BBQ Brisket Melt and famous “Totchos” for lunch and dinner. Complete your meal with one of Hollywood Studios’ best snacks, the Lunch Box Tart, available in Chocolate-Hazlenut or Lemon-Blueberry. With outdoor seating overlooking Andy’s Backyard, this quick-service option isn’t your usual theme park food offerings like chicken nuggets and boring sandwich options, instead they offer cleverly themed selections and fun atmosphere earns a top spot on our list of best Quick Service Options at Hollywood Studios.

Rosie’s All American Grill (Sunset Boulevard)

Nothing says Hollywood like being on Sunset Boulevard and if you’re here looking for some classics to dine on then you should check out Rosie’s All American Grill. They offer the best in burgers, hot dogs and fries in all of Hollywood Studios. A standout feature at this great quick service location is the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich, topped with Jalapeno Ranch Dressing and Pepper Jack Cheese. Also accompanying the classics are Rosie’s Onion Straws, well known as one of the best grab-and-go snacks around the park.

Rosie’s also offers a selection of adult beverages to enjoy with its sandwiches and sides, in addition to a couple of tasty desserts including the Darth Vader Cupcake and Key Lime Verrine (layered key lime custard and graham crackers). Rosie’s does offer some outdoor seating, but is best viewed as a “take it to go” kind of place, with plenty of seating right down the street at the Sunset Ranch Market. If you have some picky eaters or are looking for more usual theme park fare then this is the place you would probably want to go while in Hollywood Studios.

ABC Commissary (Commissary Lane)

Offering a great selection of entrees and dinners that are a step above the usual quick service dining selections, the ABC Commissary has become a very popular place and makes its way into our best quick service at Hollywood Studios list. With plates like BBQ Ribs and Land and Sea, but at Quick Service prices, this indoor and air-conditioned facility definitely appeals to a wider audience of guests. Many of the favorites are also here, like cheeseburgers, fish and shrimp platters, chicken strips, and salads, but the ABC Commissary’s comprehensive list of Allergy-Friendly food puts the restaurant on our list as the most convenient establishment for everyone, making it easy for families to be able to have options for every member in one location.

While you’re enjoying a break at the Commissary, enjoy a beverage or dessert, with special features being offered regularly. There is a great deal of seating within the building, but it is often hard to secure, especially for larger parties. As of now, at dinnertime, you can start making reservations to eat for you and your party. For overall value and selection, the ABC Commissary is a great place to escape the heat, have a great meal, and enjoy your mealtime break with family and friends during your day at Hollywood Studios.

Backlot Express (Echo Lake)

If you’re looking at the best quick service at Hollywood Studios for a little more than just a burger or chicken tenders, consider the Backlot Express Quick Service dining spot. Featured on this menu are a number of signature sandwiches including the Cuban Roasted Pulled-Pook Sandwich, the Chicken Garlic Ranch Club and the Caprese Ciabatta with Mozzarella, Vine-Ripened Tomatoes and Herb Cheese Pesto. Also offered on the menu are salads, hummus and a detailed list of Allergy-Friendly options providing something for eveyone in your party. While the Backlot Express also serves Angus Beef Cheeseburgers and Fries, the creative selections give it character, setting it apart from the other traditional Quick Service options throughout Hollywood Studios.

Sunset Ranch Market (Sunset Boulevard)

The multi-stand Sunset Ranch Market offers a number of various snacks and quick service selections in an outdoor cafeteria type setting. Somewhere between the farmer’s market and the food court at the mall, this dining option makes our list for variety in selection from soft pretzels to complete quick service dining meals. The other big draw to the market is amount of fresh items that are available. Guests who prefer to eat complete, healthy meals of fresh fruit and vegetables, and other healthier options, will find the Sunset Market extremely helpful with many of these items made available to guests of Hollywood Studios.

Ronto’s Roasters (Galaxy’s Edge)

You may have heard of this new little land based on a little movie franchise called Galaxy’s Edge. Well if you make your way into this massive Star Wars themed land and are looking for a quick service meal that is out of this world (see what I did there) then you should head over to Ronto’s Roasters. This is not your normal theme park food as the main entree they have is the Ronto Wrap!

There are two versions of the Ronto Wrap, a breakfast version and the lunch/dinner version. The breakfast wrap which has scrambled eggs, grilled pork sausage, shredded cheddar and peppercorn sauce wrapped in pita bread. The regular version has roasted pork, grilled pork sausage, peppercorn sauce and tangy slaw wrapped in pita bread. They also have Nuna Turkey Jerky, morning oats for breakfast, the usual drink options and some specialty drink options as well.

Non alcoholic specialty drinks they have the Sour Sarlacc which is limeaide with raspberry and spicy mango and the Tattooine Sunset which is made with Unsweetened Tea, Odwalla® Lemonade with Melon and Blueberry. If it’s a little adult themed beverages you would like, the alcoholic drinks they have are Coroscant Cooler with Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth, Cranberry, Lime Juice and a Trandoshan Ale which is a 16 oz draft spiced wheat ale from Concrete Beach Brewery.

Ronto’s Roasters has quickly become my personal favorite quick service in Hollywood Studios even with the limited menu options. The breakfast version of the Ronto Wrap is fantastic and pair it with a coffee it’s a nice meal after rope dropping Galaxy’s Edge first thing in the morning.

Docking Bay 7 (Galaxy’s Edge)

The other quick service option that just opened up in Hollywood Studios and Galaxy’s Edge is Docking Bay 7. This is more of your usual quick service type of option that you’re used to seeing at Disney in that it has a lot of options compared to Ronto’s Roasters which we’ve already discussed. Like Ronto’s though, this is a unique and different dining experience than most quick service options you’ll find in Hollywood Studios.

They have breakfast, lunch and dinner options and one of the best quick service options in all of Disney World for breakfast is the Bright Suns Breakfast Platter. They have a lot more options for lunch and dinner, the one that we really liked on our trip to Galaxy’s Edge was the Roasted Chicken Salad which has marinated chicken, mixed greens, roasted vegetables, quinoa, pumpkin seeds and green curry ranch dressing. I’ll also say I’m not a big fan of salads but found this salad to be really flavorful and filling.

They also have some non alcoholic and alcoholic speciality drink options as well and specialty diet options that are vegan and allergy friendly. This is a great option for some quick service food while you’re at Hollywood Studios if you like more options and of course being that it’s a Star Wars themed dining hall makes it all the more even cooler. Recently they just changed the menu to strip it of all the Star Wars naming of the foods and you won’t be able to use the famous Spork to eat your meal as they stopped providing those with your meal.

Baseline Taphouse (Grand Avenue)

If you are looking for a place to relax, have a few drinks and have small bites to snack on, then you should over to Baseline Taphouse. This is a small corner style pub that has an industrial style based on modern-day Downtown Los Angeles that features California brews and wines. Food wise they have Bavarian pretzel, coffee rubbed ribeye steak puff with olive salad, cheese and charcuterie plate, and spiced almonds. In the drinks department they have over 20 different beers and wines on tap. There is limited seating inside but there is a patio style outdoor seating area with umbrellas that is a great place to take a break, enjoy some drinks and recharge.

This is one of our favorite places in our best quick service at Hollywood Studios list to get a drink and hangout. A little tip that can save you some money, if you do enjoy beer or wine and your planning on going to Galaxy’s Edge, it’s much cheaper and you have a bigger selection if you head to Baseline instead of getting drinks in Galaxy’s Edge. Baseline is right outside Galaxy’s Edge also so you can go out, get some drinks, small bites and then head back into a galaxy far far away and get more rides in on the Millennium Falcon!

Final Thoughts

While these eight are our picks for the best quick service at Hollywood Studios, we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least mention the place that offers one of Disney guest’s favorite counter service offerings… pizza. And who is our one restaurant in Hollywood Studios to offer pizza? That’s right, PizzeRizzo. With all of the makings of your local, family-owned pizza shop, but run by the wise-cracking rat of the Muppets, this fun quick stop, eat and go restaurant provides all of the great pizza and Italian cuisine items you love in a quick service option at the park. Even though it is the only pizza option in Hollywood Studios, PizzeRizzo is now operating seasonally, so be sure to check availability before you plan to visit there on your next trip.

The different types of Quick Service options available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios are some of the best that you will find in all of Disney World and they really do contribute to the fun feel of the themed areas throughout the park. Knowing that you have options, especially some of the best ones for Allergy-Friendly selections, hopefully this best quick service at Hollywood Studios review will be a big help to you as you plan your next trip and visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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