The 5 Best Quick Service Restaurants At Magic Kingdom

Best Quick Service At Magic Kingdom

When most people think of eating at a theme park, typically, they immediately think of grabbing a quick lunch of burgers and fries, pizza, or chicken nuggets.  Sure, you can find all of that at Walt Disney World, but today we are going to show you the best quick service options at Magic Kingdom where theme park food can include MUCH more than what you may think.

A highlight for many visitors of the Walt Disney World Resort is the dining.  Whether you want to grab a turkey leg from a cart in Adventureland or be waited on and tuck in to a fried tomato sandwich and ice cream sundae at the Plaza Restaurant, Walt Disney World, and the Magic Kingdom specifically has something for you.

From Tomorrowland to Liberty Square, with so many dining options available in as a guest of the Magic Kingdom, narrowing down the decision of where to eat can often be more stressful than enjoyable. This can be especially challenging when everyone is hungry! So, knowing where to go and having a plan is ideal.

There are currently three types of dining within the park for guests to enjoy:

Table Service – either your traditional sit-down restaurant where you are waited on by a server or a buffet-style restaurant;

Quick Service – the “fast food” options where you order from a cashier and wait for your food at the counter; and

Snack Carts – the name says it all, where you grab snacks such as popcorn, churros, or the famous Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

Although being able to take a break and eat at one of the many excellent table service restaurants at the Walt Disney World Resort, the most popular of those options typically tends to be quick service as they are moderately priced, don’t require a reservation, provide the ability to eat quickly, and offer generous portions of your entrées, sides, and dessert.  There are also ample beverage options available with your meal – soda, slushies, and juice to name a few.  Remember, however, alcohol is not available at quick service locations at this time.  All quick service restaurants also accept the Disney Dining Plan.

So, the obvious question of course is, what is the best quick service restaurant at Magic Kingdom? Whether you are hungry for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, are in the mood for seafood or a sandwich, you will not go hungry while at the Magic Kingdom.

While all of the quick service restaurants will allow you to satisfy those hunger pains and quickly get you on your way to your favorite attraction, here are our TOP 5 quick service restaurants to help you fill your belly at Magic Kingdom.

8) The Pinocchio Village Haus Restaurant

Be Pinocchio’s guest at the only Quick Service offering in Fantasyland with seating, the lunch and dinner menu at Pinocchio’s Village Haus features classic Italian selections in a village cottage setting. This restaurant’s specialties include a tasty chicken parmigiana sandwich and Caprese flatbread. Pinocchio’s makes our best quick service restaurants list because it is also great for the kids.

Kids can choose from items such as a peanut butter and jelly sandwiche, macaroni and cheese, or pepperoni pizza! The beautiful setting of the Village Haus (pronounced Hoose) showcases stained glass imagery of marionettes and traditional Italian decor. Whether you enjoy eating outside, in the main dining area, or in the quieter, albeit smaller, upstairs, Pinocchio’s has a table waiting for you.

What’s even more fun is the ability to grab a table, and sit and eat next to the windows that overlook the beginning of a classic Magic Kingdom attraction, Walt Disney’s most famous animatronic journey, “It’s A Small World.”  Make sure to wave to all of the people in the boats!!

7) Gaston’s Tavern

While you may not be able to get a freshly baked cinnamon roll on Main Street anymore (keep reading to see what replaced that) you can still get the best cinnamon rolls in the Magic Kingdom that are worthy of having Gaston’s name attached to them over at Gaston’s Tavern. Located in Fantasyland behind Enchanted Tales With Belle you can not only get the same cinnamon rolls they used to serve on Main Street but you can also get other tasty treats and specialty beverages like the famous Lefou’s Brew and more.

As good as the food and drinks are, you can enjoy them while taking in all of Gaston’s trophies and treasures. Don’t forget to check out Gaston’s statue out front as well on your way in and a little tip here, ask for extra icing on your cinnamon roll… you won’t be sorry.

6) Sleepy Hollow

As the traditional quick service restaurants in Magic Kingdom do not serve a traditional breakfast, then a fairly favorable nod has to go to Sleepy Hollow, a walk-up snack counter located to the left of Cinderella Castle, in Liberty Square, as it offers our favorite quick breakfast.  Sleepy Hollow does serve some great fried goodness from park open to close, but it gets our Honorable Mention nod on THIS list for what we consider a top-notch breakfast choice (it’s really an anytime choice if we’re to be honest) – the fresh fruit waffle with chocolate-hazelnut spread.

This is a culinary delight, pairing a freshly made waffle, schmeared with a healthy dose of everyone’s favorite chocolate-hazelnut spread, with fresh fruit (strawberries, bananas, and blueberries).  Don’t plan on sharing this tasty treat; one bite and you’ll want it all for yourself.  If you have listened to our podcast, followed us on Social Media, or have read our website, we have mentioned Sleepy Hollow on many occasions as a great place to get a quick lunch, snack or even breakfast while at Magic Kingdom.

5) Casey’s Corner

At the tail end of the Emporium, the Magic Kingdom’s premier clothing store and gift shop (which runs the entire length of the left side of Main Street as you enter), sits Casey’s Corner, an early 1900’s themed Hot Dog Stand and Soda Fountain, featuring the All-American favorite snack of baseball games, hot dogs. Casey’s offers many specialty dogs; but their most famous and a fan favorite, a foot-long hot dog topped with chili and cheese is their most popular.

Pair up your hot dog with some fries and an ice-cold soda or Lemon Slushie, and enjoy outdoor seating accompanied by the ragtime tunes of Jim the piano player.  If you like a later lunch or want a mid-afternoon snack, grab a dog around 2:45 and take in the grandeur of Cinderella Castle while you wait for the Festival of Fantasy Parade. Casey’s is also well suited for grabbing a quick lunch or dinner on the way in or out of the Magic Kingdom due to its convenient location. You always hit a home run when dining at Casey’s!

4) Starbuck’s Main Street Bakery

This one can be a little touchy with longtime Disney fans as some people are still not happy about Starbuck’s coming into the Magic Kingdom as this used to be a place where you could get fresh cinnamon rolls daily and the smell of of them baking filled Main Street with an amazing aroma. But things change and with that said, if you enjoy Starbucks and are needing a caffeine fix while rope dropping and/or just wanting a quick bite to eat then you can’t go wrong with the Main Street Bakery.

This is basically the Magic Kingdom version of a Starbucks. Being the first food or drink option you’ll find in the Magic Kingdom, it can get a bit crowded as you can imagine so if you’re short on time this isn’t always the best option… plus it’s Starbucks so it’s never short on a line. It’s a great place to grab breakfast as they have the Starbucks menu which has breakfast sandwiches, wraps and more.

3) Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

A landmark Quick Service option in the Magic Kingdom, and the main eatery in Tomorrowland, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe offers the best selections in out-of-this-world handhelds and finger food for kids of all ages. Burgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, and hot dogs are just a few of the stellar items on the menu at this very popular indoor dining option. Guests that eat a plant-based diet can also plan to eat at Cosmic Ray’s, with options such as a plant-based Sloppy Joe and a Greek Salad.

Add fries or other sides to make your meal astronomical. Cosmic Ray’s also has kids’ platters with junior portions and a variety of accompaniments the younger space travelers in your party. Don’t forget to visit the toppings bar where you can customize your burger or sandwich with many classic options and condiments. Also keep on the lookout for seasonal specialty items, especially during the fall and winter holiday seasons, as you can always find a festive treat at this cosmic eatery.

Make sure you get a good table because no meal is complete without being able to enjoy not only your food, but the galactic entertainment of a Magic Kingdom exclusive performer, the one and only Sonny Eclipse!

2) Columbia Harbour House

Located just outside of Fantasyland in Liberty Square, and directly across from the Haunted Mansion, Columbia Harbour House is always high on any best of quick service restaurant list, as it features seafood favorites in a New England themed boathouse restaurant. The menu includes entrees such as shrimp, fried fish and chicken, salads, New England Clam Chowder, and a signature Vegetarian Chili.

These  are just a few of the delicious choices at this popular quick service option. The menu also has chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese, perfect for diners that may not like seafood. Add a guest favorite, peach cobbler, for dessert, and, if you still crave something sweet, complete your meal with an Odwalla Frozen lemonade, perfect for cooling down on those hot Florida afternoons. A definite perk to this location is the abundant amount of indoor seating, spanning over two floors, an absolute luxury at the Magic Kingdom. Sit and relax (in air conditioning no less) at a second-floor window table, charge your phone, and gaze at the Haunted Mansion or Liberty Belle Riverboat while you eat.

Does it get any better than that?  With all of this to offer, Columbia Harbour House can definitely be considered one of the top quick service restaurants for families, with plenty of selections to accommodate various dining lifestyles. It is actually known as a bit of a hidden gem when it comes to the topic of top quick service restaurants at Magic Kingdom, and highly recommended by the Capture the Magic family.

1) Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Nestled right between Adventureland and Frontierland lies the best Grab and Go the Southwest ever did see! Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe features the tastiest southwestern seasoned food selections that the Magic Kingdom has to offer. From pork and chicken fajitas and a taco trio, to a classic bacon cheeseburger, to rice bowls and salads, this quick service features one of the most extensive menus in the park.

There’s definitely something for everyone here, including those looking for plant-based and allergy-friendly options. The children’s menu features both traditional American and southwestern flavored items as well. Diners also will have the option to enhance their entrées with the various accompaniments from the toppings bar; such as sour cream, onions, salsa, and mushrooms.  Complete your meal with the sweet flavor of churros with chocolate dipping sauce.

Along with tables outside, there is plenty of comfortable indoor seating so everyone can have a nice relaxing break while eating, before heading back out for more adventures in the park! All the quick service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom are excellent, but whether you need a mid-day break for lunch, or a late evening dinner, Pecos Bill’s is our choice for the best quick service option in the Magic Kingdom.

Overall, the Magic Kingdom provides many different styles of cuisine at their quick service dining locations throughout the park. So, no matter what your food preferences may be, there are many delicious options to tempt your taste buds.  When you plan out meals for the day, try to hit one of these great options during off-peak dining hours. Aside from receiving your order more quickly, your chances of getting seating indoors will greatly improve; which can be a welcome sanctuary from the hot Florida sun.

Also, be sure to check and see if where you choose to eat can take your order through the Mobile Ordering system so that your favorite food and drink will be ready when you arrive – it’s like a Fast Pass for the restaurant. While it is nice to be waited on and leisurely eat a meal at a table service restaurant, taking advantage of one of the many quick service dining options will definitely free up more time in the day for you to experience all of the exciting attractions at the Magic Kingdom!

The Capture the Magic Network is here to provide you the information that you need to make the most of your Walt Disney World vacation.  So, if you enjoyed this article, then you should be sure to check out some of our other Walt Disney World trip planning articles like our Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Review!


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