The 6 Best Snacks At Magic Kingdom + 5 New Items To Try

Best Snacks At Magic Kingdom

Who doesn’t love snacks? Snacks are the perfect food. They can be sweet or savory, big or small, or anything and everything in between. When you are walking around Magic Kingdom, it seems like everyone is enjoying something delicious which can lead one to wonder, what are the best snacks at Magic Kingdom. Whether it is a Mickey Premium Bar, the overly addictive popcorn, or (not to spoil things) one of what we think are the best snacks the Magic Kingdom has to offer.

In addition to those tried and true snacks you have heard about for years, Disney is always trying new things, and coming out with tasty, inventive snack options – hello loaded tater tots and candied bacon. These will generally change with the seasons, but you will also see new items when movies premier or, especially during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (held August – Halloween) and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (held during November and December).

Our Picks For The Best Snacks At Magic Kingdom

With so many options in the Magic Kingdom, we have taken it upon ourselves to try most of what is on offer and have come up with what we believe are the Best Snacks at Magic Kingdom. Are you ready to snack? Let’s get started!

Dole Whip

You cannot talk about the best snacks at Magic Kingdom without talking about arguably the most popular treat available. We know it, you know it. Yes, it’s the DOLE WHIP!! This non-dairy, pineapple frozen treat is what those long lines in Adventureland are for. People queue at Aloha Isle from park opening to close (especially during the hot months) for this cup of frozen fabulousness.

One of the best things about Dole Whip is that you can get it accompanied by multiple items and pile on the pineapple flavor. Want to turn it into a Dole Whip Float? Yessir, just add pineapple juice. Want some cake with your frozen treat? Ok, just add some pineapple upside-down cake. As you can see, the Dole Whip is not only delicious, it is versatile as well. From $4.99 for a cup of Dole whip (for an additional $5.00, you can get it in a souvenir tiki cup) to $5.99 for the Dole Whip Float or $6.99 for the Pineapple Upside-down cake, these treats are not too expensive, but also provide a good value if you have the Disney Dining Plan and want to use a snack credit. That is why it makes our list one of the Best Snacks at Magic Kingdom.

Peter Pan Float

Not to be outdone by the Dole Whip, the Peter Pan Float is another non-dairy treat that must make this list. This is our #1 pick on the best snacks at Magic Kingdom list. This treat came to the Magic Kingdom in 2018, and we had heard nothing but good things about it. And when we finally had a chance to try this, it did not disappoint! In fact, we ended up getting it twice during that trip. Honestly, it was THE BEST (shhh, don’t tell the folks at Aloha Isle. This treat is both sweet and a bit tart, as it has a key lime soft serve floating in a cup of Sprite. Now, it cannot be a “Peter Pan” float without a nod to Peter Pan himself – you also get a little chocolate feather on top. The chocolate feather was not just there for show. It was a nice piece of chocolate that, to be honest, you wouldn’t want to eat with the soft serve, but on its own was tasty.

The first day we ordered this was pretty hot, and it was very refreshing. And even on a colder day, we’d totally still order it – it’s that good. Whether its a hot summer July day or a crisp November evening, this is one treat you don’t want to miss. Side note: Jared hates Peter Pan, so he was pretty torn on whether he should admit to how much he liked it. His new shirt idea: Hate Peter Pan. Love His Float.

Currently it is priced at $6.99, so another great value as a snack credit for those on the Dining Plan. You can find the Peter Pan Float at Storybook Treats in Fantasyland, right across from Seven Dwarves Mine Train.

Chicken Skewers

You might be thinking to yourself, alright, where’s the savory snacks. Ask and you shall receive. Not only one of the best savory snacks, but one of our overall favorites in the Magic Kingdom were the Chicken Skewers over we found at Liberty Square Market. It’s one skewer with about six or seven pieces of chicken on it, covered in a tasty spice blend. It was juicy and flavorful, and not too spicy. It actually reminds us of the Teriyaki flavored chicken thighs they sell at Sam’s Club that you can heat up in the microwave. They were tasty and a good source of protein – probably 15 to 20 grams of protein – which isn’t always something that is available as an option for snacks, especially at Magic Kingdom.

So not only is it a tasty option, but it’s one of the best snacks at Magic Kingdom that will not leave you wanting more food in just an hour or two. When we had this delicious chicken, it was served only as a single skewer, priced at $7.00. However, since then, Disney has moved where they sell it, increased the price to $8.99 and added a bag of chips. So, it is no longer a snack option if you are on the dining plan, and may not be the best value to pay out of pocket, but it is so tasty, we still recommend this savory option. No longer found at the Liberty Square Market, you can currently find this along with the Candied Bacon Skewer at Westward Ho Refreshment Port in Frontierland, across from Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe.

Cheeseburger Egg Roll

In keeping with the savory, Magic Kingdom went ahead and added egg rolls to the mix. These tend to change occasionally, but the ones that we have had and the ones that tend to be on the menu most often are the Cheeseburger Spring Rolls (or egg rolls, whatever you want to call them). These were one of the most popular items at Magic Kingdom when first introduced two years ago and would have made any best snacks at Magic Kingdom list and then they disappeared. Well, they are back and there’s a whole cart dedicated to them right at the entrance to Adventureland when entering from the Hub. This is a new location, so, if it is not as popular, you may see it further back in Adventureland, nestled right next to the Jungle Cruise.

You get two rolls for $7.50, they are hot and crisp, and they taste exactly like a cheeseburger. Now, maybe depending on who’s making them, they might be a little heavy on the pickles. And if you are not a pickle fan (like Jeremy from Main Street Magic), you may or may not want to get these. The one I ate had a faint hint of pickles (and I’m not a pickle fan), but I still really enjoyed it. Originally, when these first came out, we believe they were under $5.00, but like most things at Disney World, the price went up. But we would definitely get the cheeseburger egg rolls next time we are in Magic Kingdom! Again, as seems to be the theme with the savory snacks, the egg rolls are not snack credit eligible. However, they are still worth getting and, still one of the best snacks at Magic Kingdom.

All-American Sundae

All right, back to the sweet treats. For all of you ice cream fans out there, you must stop at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor is a little piece of heaven at the Magic Kingdom. I can picture this as the type of place Walt would go as a little boy to get some ice cream on a warm summer day. The smell as you walk by or wait in line is simply intoxicating, I cannot get enough.

There are multiple ice cream options here, from your simple single scoop cone to hot apple pie a-la-mode. Out of all of these delicious options, the All-American Sundae tops the list. On its face, it may just look like a simple bowl of ice cream and toppings, but this sundae comes with a scoop of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, warm peanut butter drizzle, whipped cream, and a cherry. When you get that perfect spoonful it’s like a peanut butter cup.

Cold and warm at the same time, it is perfect, and nothing compares to this! At $6.49, this sundae is snack credit eligible, and a very good value at that. You’ll look at the size of this beauty and want to share. But take our word for it, you’ll want it all for yourself. Finishing your night with an All-American Sundae while watching Happily Ever After is sheer perfection in our eyes.

Honorable Mention – Photography Division: Little Mermaid Donut

If you simply want to get that Instagram photo, you can’t go wrong with The Little Mermaid Donut. All we can say it that it was really pretty – one of the best decorated snacks, for sure. Other than that, it was a sub par donut. It was dry, it almost tasted stale and had a really weird texture. More like a croissant than a donut. The icing was okay – purple icing with seashells. This is definitely a donut you are getting for the aesthetics, not the taste. But at $4.99 and a snack credit for those on the dining plan, worth it for the Instagram likes alone! You can find the Little Mermaid Donut at Prince Eric’s Village Market right across from the Little Mermaid ride and Ariel’s Grotto.

Now, I’m sure that you have a local place that carries specialty doughnuts that are not only cool looking, but taste really good, too. So, it is possible to have Instagram worthy doughnuts that also taste good. But Magic Kingdom failed a bit in that regard.

Snacks Not To Be Overlooked

Now not everything can make the “Best Of” list, but some treats just need to be mentioned and cannot be overlooked. Treats like the Waffle Sandwiches (Nutella and Fruit Sandwich & Spicy Chicken Sandwich) from Sleepy Hollow Treats, the Ice Cream Sandwich from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor.

Disney is always coming up with new items to try, and here are a few others at the Magic Kingdom we’d like to try hopefully during an upcoming trip:

• Cinnamon Roll & Vanilla Eclair from Gaston’s Tavern

• Creamy Bacon Mac & Cheese Tater Tots & Loaded Buffalo Chicken Tater Tots from the Friar’s Nook

• Tinker Bell’s Pixie Dusted Ice Cream Cone (like the Peter Pan Float, but with lime cotton candy around the cone, key lime soft serve ice cream, and white chocolate wings) from Storybook Treats

• Mickey Cinnamon Roll from Main St. Bakery

• Casey’s Corner Specialty Dogs from Casey’s Corner

Final Thoughts

We know that Epcot is known as the “Foodie” park with all the offerings, especially during all the festivals, but Magic Kingdom is more of a family park, so there are more kids and the food is pretty kid friendly. Magic Kingdom is also becoming more adventurous with their snacks and bringing in more savory options so there is something for those who want to branch out and also for those without the biggest sweet tooth. It not only has the staples like Popcorn, Pretzels, Mickey Bars and Cinnamon & Sugar Churros, but they’re coming out with all these different, reasonably priced items. Hopefully, this is a food trend that they will continue to evolve.

As you can see, from this post and our Favorite Snacks at Animal Kingdom post, we love our snacks, and they all hold a special place in our heart. So, there you have it. The best snacks at Magic Kingdom.

If you enjoyed reading about the best snacks at Magic Kingdom, head over and check out our other articles like our best Magic Kingdom One Day Touring Plan! Also, for more tips and tricks, be sure to listen to our Podcast, and check us out on Facebook and Twitter.


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