The 5 Best Snacks At Epcot

Best Snacks At Epcot

Snacks!! If you have read any of our posts about food, or listened to any of our podcasts, you know that we love snacks. Snacks are the perfect food – sweet or savory, big or small, there is something for everyone. And, if you have ever been to Walt Disney World, you know that there are snacks-a-plenty, which leads to the question, what are the best snacks at Epcot?

From Disney Resorts to Disney Springs, to all of the Disney Parks, even the pickiest and most finicky eater can find a snack to enjoy. You can literally make a day out of eating nothing but snacks – and who would not love to do that (we know that we do). Have the best day ever doing nothing but snacking allows you to make great use of your day as you are not spending all of that time at a restaurant, you can just grab your food of choice and make your way to the next attraction or show.

If you have read our “Best Snacks at Magic Kingdom” post, you know that we feel that Magic Kingdom is best snack park at Disney. This is a recent development, as the Magic Kingdom has really stepped up its game when it comes to both sweet and savory snack options. When it comes to food in general, it’s no question, however, that Disney’s Epcot reigns supreme in taste and variety.

In the World Showcase alone, Epcot represents each country by bringing unique flavors to the table that give guests so many options when choosing meals, desserts, drinks or snacks! The great thing about trying the different snack options in Epcot is that you can sample many different cultural offerings without filling up on a whole meal, either with a quick service or table-service dining experience. Let’s take a walk around Epcot with what are our picks for the best snacks at Epcot!

The Best Snacks At Epcot

Below you will find our picks for the best snacks at Epcot, plus some honorable mentions that are worth the time to try if you are looking to try more than just a handful.

Croissant Doughnut (Electric Umbrella – Future World)

First on our list of best snacks at Epcot is a tasty treat that will get your sweet taste buds excited. This snack has made its way around Epcot over the years, originating at the Refreshment Port, and then being offered at multiple different kiosks, it has now found itself a new home. As you make your way past Spaceship Earth and take the left heading towards Test Track and Mission Space, you’re going to want to stop at the Electric Umbrella.

Here, you will find one of Epcot’s guests’ most favorite snacks, the Croissant Doughnut. This tasty treat is just what you think it is – a croissant and a doughnut got together and had this perfectly sweet dessert baby. Crisp and flaky, this morsel of deliciousness is expertly covered in cinnamon sugar and pairs well with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa, both available at the Electric Umbrella. The Croissant Doughnut is a great option to start your day with as breakfast or a mid-morning treat as you make your way to the next attraction or as you start to travel around World Showcase, beginning in the Mexico Pavilion.

School Bread (Kringla Bakeri Og Cafe: Norway Pavilion)

After you pass through the Mexico Pavilion eating your Croissant Doughnut, you may be looking for something a little less sweet. If so, keep making your way through World Showcase and you can find not only one of our favorite snacks on property, but one that is a favorite of many other Epcot guests too – School Bread. This can be found within the Norway Pavilion, and is a delicious treat consisting of a slightly sweet bread roll, stuffed with vanilla pudding, and then covered with icing and toasted coconut.

Because this treat isn’t super sweet, it’s the perfect choice to hold you over as you trek from one country to the next. Or, if you plan on staying in the Norway Pavilion, pick up a school bread before you get in line for “Frozen Ever After”, or enjoy it (or many of the other great snack options at the bakery) while waiting in line for the most popular character meet and greet at Epcot – Elsa and Anna at their Royal Sommerhus!

Werther’s Caramel Handmade Popcorn (Karamel Kuche: Germany Pavilion)

What better way to enjoy one of not only the best snacks at Epcot but all of Disney which is popcorn, than to add melted Werther’s caramel to it! Yes, I said caramel (YUM!!!) Popcorn is one of the most perfect snacks to enjoy while strolling through any of the Disney parks, but the Caramel Handmade Popcorn from the Germany Pavilion might take the cake as one of the best snacks overall in Epcot.

I don’t know if you really can beat delicious fresh-popped Disney popcorn, coated in warm melted Werther’s caramel. This delicious treat is definitely one of the best items available at this shop, with the sweet caramel paired with the salty popcorn, to enjoy while walking around Epcot. We like to munch on this sweet and salty treat while waiting for and watching the nighttime spectaculars at Epcot. And don’t forget to pick up an extra bag for the way home!

Festival Kiosk Offerings (Various Locations Throughout World Showcase)

For numbers four and five of this best snacks at Epcot, we are kind of cheating a bit. Instead of giving you a particular snack, we’re going to provide some places to get some delicious morsels. Number four on our list will be the food options at the many festival booths which appear during the four seasonal festivals held each year in Epcot. During these festivals, additional food kiosks are introduced to offer new snacks and appetizers to guests as they walk through the World Showcase and Future World. The countries that are already represented in World Showcase often promote new items for guests, while Epcot will feature selections from other cultures around the world as well.

If you happen to be visiting during one of these festivals, take advantage of the additional items that are being offered, as they are usually not available year-round. While the menus change for each festival, sometimes guest favorites and best ranked items are brought back year to year. And remember to check for additional kiosks set up throughout Epcot for plenty of additional delicious drinks and treats to sample! We love going kiosk to kiosk and trying multiple items throughout the day. It is, truly, a perfect day when we get to sample a lot of delicious food and drink items from around the world.

Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie (France Pavilion)

That’s right, for number five, I entered an entire location as one of the best snacks at Epcot. But truthfully, there are so many wonderful selections at Les Halles that it makes it nearly impossible to decide every time we visit. From chocolate croissants to eclairs, and fruit tarts to creme brulee, you will find yourself asking for two or three different treats in one visit. Aside from the pastries and treats, Les Halles also offers sandwiches and sides for some “not so sweet” options you and your group can share.

What is really nice about Les Halles, is that if you are staying at one of the Epcot resorts (Disney’s Boardwalk Resort, Disney’s Beach Club Resort, Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, or the Swan and Dolphin Resort), you can enter Epcot through the International Gateway when the park opens and enjoy the bakery at 9:00 am before the rest of the World Showcase opens at 11:00 am. With all of the delicious pastry offerings, Les Halles is an ideal place for a light breakfast before enjoying the rest of the park. Or, you can grab that last minute, late night sweet treat to enjoy on your stroll back to your room.


Looking back over this list, we’re noticing that our top recommendations for snacks at Epcot are mostly desserts! If you are looking for some other, less sweet snack-like items that will hold you over, some additional suggestions would be:

• Fish and Chips from Rose & Crown in the United Kingdom Pavilion

• Vegetable and fruit at the Sunshine Seasons Food Court in “The Land”

• A quick slice from the pizza window at Via Napoli in the Italy Pavilion

• The big enough to share fresh baked German Pretzel (and for those who are 21, wash it down with a Schofferhofer) from the pretzel kiosk in the Germany Pavilion


However, if the sweet treats we have mentioned are not enough, and you are still looking to fill that sweet tooth craving, be sure to check out:

• Shaved Ice at the Kaki Gori Treats kiosk in the Japan Pavilion

• Milk Chocolate Caramel Square from Karamell Kuche (yes, we love caramel) in the Germany Pavilion

• Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich from L’Artisan des Glaces Sorbet and Ice Cream Shop in the France Pavilion


We could go on and on and on talking about what we love about eating in Epcot, but there you have it, the best of Epcot snacks (with a few, ok, more than a few, honorable mentions. I said we loved the food throughout Walt Disney World). Whether you are looking for a full meal or snacks, sweet or savory, from Future World to the World Showcase, Disney’s Epcot offers a tremendous variety of food and drink to choose from.

More so, maybe, than any other theme park in the world, let alone just at Disney World. So, for anyone out there that considers themselves a foodie, or if you just enjoy well prepared and delicious food, Epcot should be a destination on your travel list. It is a great experience to be able to enjoy the tastes and flavors from many countries around the world all in one theme park. If one of your life goals is to travel the world and sample the cuisine of many foreign lands, but don’t have either the time or money to make it happen, venture to Epcot and take a trip around the World Showcase; it might be the next best thing.

With so many options available, the most difficult part is deciding which of the snacks to try first! Then it’s up to you to make your list – and be sure to let us know what your favorite snack in Epcot is.

If you enjoyed our review of our favorite snacks in Epcot, you should check out article about the best Fastpasses for Epcot as well.


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