What’s The Best Stroller For Disney World?

best stroller for disney world.

This probably won’t come as a surprise to you, but there is no shortage of strollers at Disney World. Just like Disney magic, they’re everywhere! There might be lots of them all around the Disney parks, resorts, and Disney Springs, but that doesn’t mean knowing what is the best for touring Disney World is easy. Should you buy one? Should you go the Disney World stroller rental route? If you’re looking for stroller options for when you travel to Walt Disney World, then we’ve got you covered. We consistently travel with our kids who both ride in a stroller, and we’ve become very familiar with strollers at “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

Your Best Stroller For Disney World Options

Below, we will lay out all your options when it comes to the best for your Walt Disney World vacation, including renting a stroller , so you can make the best decision for you and your family on your vacation.

You Can Rent A Stroller

As we have discussed, there are multiple ways to get a stroller for your Disney trip. If you cannot travel with one, and you don’t want to purchase one, then your best option for touring the Disney Parks might be renting one instead of buying one. There are a couple of different avenues when it comes to renting a stroller, you can rent a Disney stroller or, you can rent a stroller from a 3rd party rental company.

We will generally recommend that you rent from a 3rd party company as renting a Disney stroller is typically much more expensive and also much less comfortable for your kids. You will, however, have the convenience of not having to travel with your stroller on busses or other transportation.

As mentioned, we believe that 3rd party stroller rental companies are the way to go – better pricing and better Strollers. Many of the companies that rent strollers use the City Mini line, which is one of the best lines for both single and double strollers. So, when thinking about the best strollers for touring Disney World, think about renting one of these.

Capture The Magic’s Rental Choice: Kingdom Strollers

disney strollers

Kingdom Strollers is one of the most popular stroller rental providers for Disney vacationers, has been around for a while and has a great reputation and track record. Kingdom Strollers is great as they rent strollers, both single and double, that meet the current Disney World stroller policy, can accommodate kids of all sizes and come with plenty of features and options that will allow you to worry about one less thing on your trip to Disney. Kingdom Strollers is easy to work with, and their pricing is competitive with the other Disney stroller rental companies in the area.

Some advantages to renting a stroller from Kingdom Strollers:

  • They can deliver to your on-site Disney resort and they also deliver to most Orlando area hotels and vacation homes as well. If you would rather pick up your stroller, they also have a kiosk at Orlando International Airport.
  • Cooler attachments, parent consoles, and rain cover included at no extra charge
  • Offer a stroller specifically for kids with mobility issues

You Can Bring Your Own

Chances are, if you have a little one, you probably have a stroller that you use on a regular basis. Depending on the stroller though, it may not be the best stroller for Disney World vacation. When you are in the parks, we recommend a lightweight umbrella stroller that can be easily folded up for getting on and off of buses, trams etc.

If your stroller is heavier, bulkier, doesn’t quickly and easily fold up (imagine 100’s of people waiting on you to get onto a bus or tram while you fold your umbrella stroller up), then you may want to consider either buying a different lightweight stroller or renting one while you are at Disney. Below, you can see the best options we recommend if you are looking to bring your own to the parks.

What We Look For In The Best Stroller For Disney World

You may not think there is really much of a difference when it comes to strollers and just get the cheapest one you can find. It’s not that a cheap stroller won’t do the job, but Walt Disney World is unlike any other theme park destination on Earth. You may find midway through your Disney vacation that the stroller you are using is not the best fit for traveling around Disney, and it can really impact your trip (we’ve experienced this).

So, whether you have only one child that can ride comfortably in an umbrella stroller, or have 2 kids that need to travel in a double stroller, we are here to provide you not only what to look for in a stroller, but some of the best options for having a stroller for Disney. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best stroller for you.


Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to the best stroller for Disney. You’ll find out really quickly that having a bigger stroller can make getting through crowded spaces, walkways, and just the mass of humanity at Disney can be difficult. Not to mention, getting on and off Disney trams and buses.

It can certainly be a pain to keep folding and unfolding a bulky stroller. However, if you have multiple kids that need to ride in a stroller, then double strollers (which are generally bigger), are still going to be the best fit. However, if don’t need a lot of storage, an single or double umbrella stroller will allow you to most easily maneuver Disney.


When it comes to features, there are some that are must haves and others that really you can do without while on your Disney vacation. If there is a certain feature that you feel you must have then, by all means, include that as part of your search. For Disney trips, you may be ok with a stroller that does not have any features, like umbrella strollers, or you may need a stroller that comes with a storage basket and a cup holder or two. You can save some money by knowing what you want specifically in a stroller by simply not paying for extra features that you don’t care about.


This one we mentioned in the size part, but it’s worth noting how important this feature of a stroller is. You will be folding and unfolding your stroller A LOT on your Disney trip! Every time you get on and off the bus, the tram, the train, among others, that you will be glad if you have a stroller at Disney that is easy to fold. No matter how many features a stroller may have, it won’t be the best for you if it doesn’t fold up easily. For fold-ability, a lightweight stroller will certainly be easiest not only to fold, but to transport while folded.


At Disney, you’ll want a stroller that can fit in and out of tight spaces, make sharp turns, and provide a smooth ride when you’re in the parks. This generally will play hand in hand with the size of the stroller. Umbrella strollers will be easier to maneuver throughout Disney than larger single strollers. However, the maneuverability of the stroller should not come at the expense of the needs and comfort of your kids.

Our Picks For The Best Stroller For Disney World

If you’re looking to have your own stroller while on your Disney vacation, below you will find our top picks. Many of the strollers in our picks are the same ones you can rent from many Disney stroller rental providers. They choose these models not only because they are great stroller to get around Disney – easy to fold and maneuver, and have plenty of storage, but also because they are sturdy and can take a beating.

1. Baby Jogger City Select Lux

This is both our top pick for the best single and best double strollers to have at Disney as it can convert from a single to a double stroller. This is the Cadillac of strollers, so your kiddos can cruise through Disney in comfort.

  • 20+ configurations so it can grow with your family and you can try out different setups that best suits your little ones
  • The seats can face you, face the front or where the siblings can face each other
  • Folds easily with an auto-lock system and it actually folds up smaller than the City Select model
  • All-wheel suspension, hand operating decelerating, parking brake, front swivel wheels
  • The seats recline in various adjustable positions
  • Plenty of places for storage and can be equipped with accessories like car seat adapters, children’s tray, parent console, weather shield and more (sold separately)

2. Baby Jogger Anniversary City Stroller, Mini GT Single

If you’re needing a single stroller for Disney that is lightweight, maneuverable, easy to fold and is a breeze to push around Disney all day then this is a solid option.

  • Front wheel suspension with all-terrain no flat tires for a very smooth and comfortable ride
  • The seat can recline various degrees, including almost completely flat so your little one can nap easily in the parks
  • Adjustable handlebars and hand operated parking brake
  • Adjustable sun canopy with a “peek-a-boo” window so you can check on them when they are covered by the UV 50+ canopy
  • Spacious storage basket to keep all of your stuff

3. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Travel System, Steel Gray

If you’re going to Disney with a very little one and are looking for the best system that includes the car seat that you can use in and out of the stroller then this system is a great choice. So, if you have an infant with you oat Disney, this would be the choice for you.

  • Comes with a taxi-safe belt path for installation with the base, push button latch and integrated belt lock-off for easy install with the base
  • Safely, securely and efficiently allows you to travel with your baby with the removable adapters making it a seamless system from car seat to stroller which can be done without even waking your napping baby
  • The infant seat holds babies rear facing from 4-35 lbs and up to 32 inches tall.
  • Very easy to fold as you can use the lift strap with one hand and it will fold itself into a very compact and light item.

3. Uppa Baby Cruz Stroller

The Uppa Baby Cruz stroller is one of the most compact and easy to transport strollers out on the market today (key for a Disney trip) but it doesn’t sacrifice quality, stability or comfort for your kids.

  • Comes with a rain/bug shield and toddler seat
  • Full-sized rear and front facing toddler seat and multiple recline positions
  • The canopy is adjustable and has a see-through window on the sunshade so you can check on your little one
  • Adjustable handlebar that also comes with a leather cover
  • Ultra lightweight and durable frame made of aluminum & magnesium
  • Front and rear shock absorbing suspension
  • One step fold even with the car seat attached

Budget Choice:  Chicco Bravo LE Quick-Fold Stroller

This is a solid stroller for Disney vacations. It may not be on the same level as the ones higher up in our recommendations, but at around half the price it’s a good bargain for a stroller that is light, easy to maneuver and easy to fold.

  • The seat is removable
  • The basket is accessed easily from the rear or the front
  • Seat reclines in multiple positions and has all-wheel suspension for a super smooth ride
  • Handlebars are adjustable
  • Can be folded one handed and can self-standing once folded up (very handy)
  • Comes with a parent tray, child tray, storage with zipper and cup holders
  • Comes with visor extension that can also act as a rain cover

Best Double Stroller For Disney World

If you’ve got more than one kiddo then you are probably going to want a double stroller. We break down the best double stroller for Disney in this category.

1. Baby Jogger City Select Lux

As we noted above in the single stroller category, the City Select Lux is a great stroller for Disney as it can be converted from a single to a double stroller, and is the best option for parents with 2 kids heading to Disney.

2. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller

This is a side by side double stroller option that is a little wider than our top pick but depending on your needs may be a better fit for your family. It’s double-wide but is slimmer than most other double wide models, which will help you get through the Disney crowds.

  • Non-flat tires so you don’t have to worry about airing up tires in the middle of your trip
  • Patented quick folding technology that allows you to fold your stroller with just one hand
  • Multiple reclines positions with plush padding
  • Large canopy that is adjustable with a “peek-a-boo” viewing window
  • Can accommodate a car seat with the car seat adapter making travel easy
  • Adjustable handlebar

Budget Choice: Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller

This is our budget choice in the doubles category and has some really nice features for a double stroller in this price range – including a rear platform where older kids will have the option to stand or sit.

  • Rear seat converts the stroller to a Sit N Stand stroller
  • Quick folding that can be done hand handed
  • Large storage basket, tray w/ cup holder and covered parent tray that comes with 2 cup holders
  • Can accept 2 infant car seats

Buy One While You’re At Disney?

An option that many people don’t think about, but can actually be cheaper than renting, is to buy a stroller when you get to Disney and then leaving it behind when you head back home (you can provide some Disney magic for a future guest). There are plenty of stores like Walmart and Target close to Disney that are a short drive or a quick Uber ride where you could go to pick up a stroller. This will allow you to look at multiple single and double strollers and choose the one that best fits the needs of your kids. Also, if you would rather not use a stroller that multiple other kids have used, then this would also be a solid option.

What Do We Recommend?

It really depends on your situation and what your kids need. If you are in need of a stroller all the time, from your plane ride to the resort, and all around the Disney resort, (or if you travel to Disney by car) then bringing your own is probably the best choice for you. If you’re just going to use one when you’re in the Disney parks and you don’t want to bother with dealing with a stroller on your flight or car ride home, then renting one would be most convenient.

If you want something “new” or want a more compact stroller or an umbrella stroller (which the rental companies do not generally rent), then purchasing one will be the best option for you. So, there is an option for everyone with kids who need strollers when they travel to Disney.

Quick Tip: If the stroller you use at home is a bit too bulky and won’t work out to be one of the best strollers for Disney World, then what you could do is purchase one of the best strollers we mentioned above. Use it on your trip and then when you get back home you could sell the stroller on eBay, Facebook or other local marketplaces. You probably won’t get what you paid for it but if the stroller is still in great condition, you could probably get 80%-90% of what you paid back, making it a super cheap rental essentially.

After reading about all of the options you have available to you, you might be asking yourself “what about a stroller wagon?” or “what about a baby jogger or jogging stroller”. Well, with the current stroller policy at Disney, jogging strollers, baby joggers and wagons might not fit within those guidelines. Before you decide to bring this type of stroller to Disney, be sure to check the current policy to see if it fits within the guidelines

If you enjoyed this article about the best strollers for Disney World then be sure to check out our best Disney World Stroller Rental Options article. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Social Media and be sure to listen to all of the podcasts on the Capture the Magic Podcast Network. We are here to help you make your Disney travel experiences fun and enjoyable.


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