CTM @ The Movies is podcast about Disney related movies (usually) that aren’t the greatest (to put it nice) and then we discuss the insane things from the movie, how it was made… basically it’s just fun!

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Your Hosts

Jared Lee

When Jared isn’t watching terrible movies and talking about them on CTM @ The Movies, you can hear him on The Capture The Magic Podcast and The Dis Dudes Podcast.

Jamie Lee

As the stabilizing force that tries to keep each CTM @ The Movies episode on track (not easy), she’s the reason the episodes aren’t a jumbled mess! You can also hear her on The Capture The Magic Podcast and Trip Tales Podcast.

Jeremy Stein

When not recording Main Street Magic or The Dis Dudes, Jeremy only watches the highest quality of movie masterpieces such as The Country Bears, George of the Jungle and Haunted Mansion to name a few, leaving no time to watch such ridiculous franchises as The Matrix, Lord of the Rings or the Fast and the Furious.

Rhonda Stein

In Rhonda’s past life she was a mermaid, but now she spends her days styling hair and serving as the better half of Main Street Magic, while in her off-time she strictly watches Disney movies, no matter how good or bad.
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