David's Vacation Club Rental Review

David’s Vacation Club Rental Review


If you are planning your next Walt Disney World trip and are traveling with a larger group, or just want a little more space, you may want to think about renting points to stay at Disney Vacation Club Resorts. Because of that you’re probably here because you searched for David’s Vacation club Rental Review and are curious how they rank when it comes to using them. The good news is we have used David’s many times to rent points and stay at Walt Disney World via Disney Vacation Club rented points.

In this article we will lay out how the Disney Vacation Club point rental process with David’s Vacation Club rentals works and how it is compared to other services out there. Keep reading to find out our overview and some information about DVC that is good to know when looking to stay at DVC properties.

What is DVC?

DVC stands for Disney Vacation Club and are Disney’s version of a timeshare. DVC owners purchase points either from the Walt Disney Company directly or on “resale”, that can be used each year at one of the 11 DVC Resorts at Walt Disney World, 1 Resort at Disneyland, 2 East Coast beach resorts, and 1 resort in Hawaii. Contracts typically last 40 years, and DVC owners can purchase one contract or many contracts and combine points.

There are many additional rules and guidelines about how points can be used, but that’s another post. However, when dvc owners are not able to use their points for the year, they can rent them to other vacationers. This benefits the owner as they will recoup some of there expense and for the vacationer, they will get a Deluxe Resort room for a fraction of the price that it would cost to pay the “cash” rate from Disney.

What are the DVC Resorts?

They are a type of Disney resort that are also known as a Disney Vacation Club Villa, provide studio rooms along with 1, 2, and 3 bedroom villas. The studios will be able to sleep 2, however, the villa’s will be able sleep up to 10 guests, will include multiple bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen. So, for a larger family, or for a “staycation” where you will need kitchen access, then perhaps a DVC rental to stay at a DVC Resort stay might be a great choice for you.

A Disney Vacation Club Villa will be able to offer you everything that you need in a Disney resort during a Disney vacation. You will have a premium room with plenty of space for the whole family. Both table service and quick service restaurants on site if you decide that you do not want to cook your own meals. A pool area, complete with ample seating, daily activities, water slide and pool bar.

Most of the DVC hotels also have access to a mode of transportation outside of the Disney Bus SystemMagic Kingdom Resorts have access to the Monorail and boats. Epcot Area Resorts and the Riviera Resort have access to the Skyliner. Old Key West and Saratoga Springs have boat access to Disney Springs. Having this extra mode of transportation makes getting around the vast Disney Resort much easier.

You Can Rent DVC Points?

Yes you can! People often are unaware of just how much money they can save on Disney hotel stays by renting points but renting DVC points isn’t as easy as just wanting to do it. You have to find a DVC owner who is wanting to rent out their points, who have availability that matches your needs and then agree on a price to rent the points from them.

You can find DVC owners who want to rent out their points in various forums and Facebook groups but there is a lot of risk involved compared to just booking a hotel through Disney. This is where a service like David’s DVC Rental really shines because they do all the heavy lifting pairing those who want to rent DVC points and the right DVC owner and then being the middleman for the payment from the renter but they ensure you are protected because they don’t release payment to the DVC owner until after you have stayed at the resort.

The David’s Vacation Club Rentals Process

Now that you are looking at Disney Vacation Club Rentals and perhaps using David’s Vacation Club rentals, here is what you need to do to make that Walt Disney World trip dream come true.

You start the process by visiting David’s website, www.dvcrequest.com. Once you make your way onto the site, you will want to use the cost calculator to see how much (in both dollars and points) your trip will cost – you simply choose your travel dates and the tool will provide you the dollars and points cost of rentals for each DVC resort.

Please note that the cost calculator does not provide availability, it simply provides the points cost for your specific travel dates. Once you have an idea of what renting a DVC resort will cost for your specific dates, you can then fill out the request form – this form is to let him and his team which resort(s) you would like to stay at and for which dates.

The request form at David’s Vacation Club Rentals asks for all of the standard information, and also asks what property you are looking to reserve. In the event that your first choice is not available, you will also be asked for 2nd and 3rd, and 4th options. At the time of completing the request form, a payment of $133 is due. This $133 is not a fee, it is essentially a deposit, a means of securing your reservation in the event that your request is available. This amount is applied directly towards the total amount due if your request is fulfilled.

They then will reach out to their roster of Disney Vacation Club members to see if there are Disney Vacation Club points available for your selected dates. If the there is no Disney Vacation Club Owner that has points available, this amount is refunded directly to you. If your request is available, you will receive an email confirmation, complete with confirmation number and link to go to the details of your reservation. Within the reservation details there will also be instructions on how to complete payment – which is due at this time. Note, that if a reservation is secured, and you decide not to accept it, the $133 is not refunded.

If your request is not available, you are provided other Disney Vacation Club resorts that may be available during your travel dates. Either way, if you decide not to proceed, your $133 will be refunded. If you decide to proceed, you will choose from the list they provided, and you will be informed of any availability. The great thing is that you will typically know within a few days to a week as to whether or not Disney Vacation Club rentals are available for your dates.

As with Disney resorts in general, there are certain DVC resort options that will have more availability than others. For example, Old Key West has one of the largest amount of units on property. Others, like Bay Lake Tower, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Riviera Resort will have a waiting list for units. Time of year will also play a big role in availability. Peak times (Spring Break, Christmas, runDisney race weekends) will not have as many units available.

Cost of DVC Rental Points

David currently charges $19 per point for all Disney Vacation Club rentals that are booked within 7 months of your arrival date OR arrivals beyond 7 months at “Non Premium” Resorts. For all DVC rentals booked beyond 7 months at a “Premium” Walt Disney World Resort, the cost would be $20 per point. So, essentially, if you are going to Walt Disney World, and are booking more than 7 months in advance, you will pay $20 per point at all resorts except Old Key West Resort and Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa – all others would be considered Premium Resorts.

For Example: Say you want a room at Bay Lake Tower the weekend of November 5 – 9, 2020 (4 nights). As of this writing (March 2020), we are more than seven months away from the travel dates, and we are looking to stay at a Premium Resort. For a standard view room that sleeps up to 4 people, our reservation would cost 64 points, or $1,280 (average of $320 per night). To compare (and if you can find a room for cash at BLT), you will certainly save more than $100 per night using David and choosing to rent points from him.

Benefits of Renting from David’s Vacation Club

Disney Vacation Club Rentals can provide the vacationing party to stay at a Deluxe Resort at a fraction of the price of booking through Disney, even at their discounted rates. With this method, the people in your traveling party can experience all that a Deluxe Resort has to offer at a fraction of the price.

Their service also makes renting DVC points seamless and easy as their whole services matches people who want to rent points with Disney Vacation Club members who want to rent out their points.

David’s Vacation rentals have been in business for a long time and using them takes a lot of stress and angst out of the whole DVC rental process.

Other benefits of using David’s DVC include:

  • All the perks of staying at a Disney Resort – Extra Magic Hours, Magic Bands, Magical Express
  • Disney Dining Plan is available
  • Worry-free, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Working with experienced professionals your reservation
  • Time savings – the team does all of the work for you
  • Seamless process


Staying at a Deluxe Resort when at Disney is certainly a splurge for most on Disney vacations. That is why we think staying at one by renting points through David’s Vacation Club is a great way to do it . This way, you can have a deluxe experience at a moderate cost. A rental through David’s Vacation Club is a seamless, guaranteed process that is handled by professionals that know the process inside and out. This is why you see so many positive David’s DVC Rental Reviews online, because using them is a great way to rent points and his team is committed to helping their clients rent the perfect Disney resort.

To look into renting DVC points for your next Walt Disney World or other Disney related trip then —–>CLICK HERE<—– to contact David’s DVC Rentals today!

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