Disney+ Issues Content Warning on Original Format Movies & Cartoons


Disney seems to be trying to avoid controversy about how some of the older content on the platform is presented to audiences by either not having some feature length films and cartoons on the platform or by still showing some cartoons and movies that could cause some to become upset by issuing a disclaimer on these features.

It was expected that Disney’s 1946 Song of the South would not be on the platform due to it’s “insensitive racial imagery” but other content like Disney’s 1941 Dumb is available on the service without edit but it starts with a warning to viewers that the film includes “problematic racial imagery and dialect”.

The disclaimer reads:

This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.

Some titles also warn of “tobacco depictions” which was much more common in films of the past but is now considered no go in family shows.

Other content that has the “outdated” warning at the beginning are:

  • The Jungle Book (1967)
  • Fantasia (1940)
  • Swiss Family Robinson (1940, 1960)
  • The Aristocats (1970)
  • Peter Pan (1953)
  • Lady and the Tramp (1955)
  • The Sign of Zorro (1958)
  • Mickey Mouse shorts from the 1920s through the 1940s

Some fans online praise Disney’s acknowledgment of potentially upsetting content, while others debate that history should remain history and be presented as it was originally created. Disney has not commented on its decision as of yet.

Source: Deadline


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