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The Best Disney World Stroller Rental Options


If you have ever been do Walt Disney World, there is one thing you see almost as much as people….. strollers!! You see strollers all over the Walt Disney World Resort due to the fact that on a Disney vacation you will walk. A LOT!!! So if you have a little one it’s not if you need a stroller but which one or what is the best Disney World stroller rental service to use?

If you’re looking to buy a stroller you can check out our article here that covers that topic in depth! If you’re looking at Disney World Stroller Rental Options then you are in the right place and we will break down all the options available to you.

Our Top Choice Disney World Stroller Rental

If you don’t feel like reading about all the Disney World stroller rental options out there and just want to cut to the chase about what we think is the best… then ok!

Kingdom Strollers

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Do You Need A Stroller On Your Disney World Vacation?

Walt Disney World guests can walk 20,000+ steps in a day – that equates to over 10 miles. And that is for adults who have a long stride. Think about how that will impact a toddler, or even a child under 10 years old who’s stride are not as long as an adult. Yes, the distance covered is the same, but a child is probably taking 1.5 – 2 steps for every step that an adult takes. For one day, it may not make that big of an impact on the child, but over the course of a week, kids of all ages will be even more exhausted than Disney will already make them.

This is where strollers come into play. Now, you may say to yourself – self, my child is too old for a stroller and he/she can make it through our local amusement park without any problems. That very well may be the case. However, you must take into account that, unless you live in a state with weather like Florida has (I mean HOT), that the child will have to deal with heat that he/she normally does not have to. And over a week long vacation, we know of some adults that could benefit from being pushed around in a stroller (raising my hand here, lol).

No matter how old your child is, he/she may be able to benefit from some time in a stroller throughout the day, even if it is only for 15 minutes at a time. Just riding in a stroller during the time it takes to get from Space Mountain to Splash Mountain in Disney’s Magic Kingdom can benefit your child. Not only will it get them off their feet, but will provide time for them to have a drink and a snack, 2 crucial items, especially during the heat of the summer.

Strollers at Walt Disney World

So, now that we have your attention, and that you have determined that having a stroller while vacationing at the Walt Disney World Resort is a good idea, what do you do about it. Well, fine vacationer, there are a few ways that you can face this stroller conundrum: you can bring your own stroller, you can purchase a stroller while in Florida, or you can rent a stroller for use while at the Walt Disney World Resort (and anywhere else you decide to go).

There are a few things to remember about stroller usage in Disney World:

  1. Regular wagons are currently not allowed to be used at Disney World parks
  2. Stroller wagons are also currently not allowed to be used at Disney World parks
  3. In 2019, Disney implemented size restrictions for all strollers that enter Disney World parks – a stroller may not be more than 31″ wide and 52″ long

Bringing your own stroller

This of course is always an option so if you are potentially looking at bringing your own stroller then you should check out our review of the best strollers for Disney World.

Purchasing a stroller

If you do not want to travel with a stroller, or, if you have an older child that does not typically need a stroller at home, you may choose to purchase a new stroller while you are at Disney. There are plenty of stores in the area (think Target and Walmart) to purchase an inexpensive stroller that you can “pay forward” and leave for someone else if you choose not to bring it home with you.

There is also the option of purchasing from a place like Amazon and having it delivered to your resort. Disney has a $5 fee to have it delivered, but it may be well worth it. Lastly, Disney sells strollers, but they are more of the “umbrella” type and may not be suitable for bigger kids. This option will also be less expensive than renting a stroller either through Disney or through a 3rd party stroller rental company.

Renting a stroller

A final option is to rent a stroller. Disney World offers stroller rentals right in the theme parks, or you can choose a rental from one of the many stroller rental companies available to you. There are a multitude of companies from which you can rent a stroller for Disney World vacations, if you decide to go that route.

These stroller companies can provide single strollers, double strollers, and all of the accessories. They will even deliver the stroller and pick it up directly at your Disney Resort – note, however, that deliveries must be made face to face, strollers can no longer be left at Bell Services. You will need to coordinate drop off and pick up with these companies, but for the convenience, it might be well worth it for you. For the ultimate convenience, you can rent directly from Disney..

This way, you don’t need to bring a stroller outside of the theme parks, you simply pick up and drop off the stroller at the park entrance. No having to fold it up to get on a bus or store it in your Disney Resort room. This is easily the most convenient way to have a stroller while at Disney, but it is also the most expensive.

Now, knowing your options, we are here to discuss the best places from which to rent strollers while you are at Disney World.

Best Disney World Stroller Rental Options

Below you’ll find our top options when it comes to renting a stroller at Walt Disney World.

Renting Direct From Disney (Not Recommenced)

If you want the ultimate convenience in renting a stroller while visiting the Walt Disney World Resort, rent directly from Disney. It is as easy as going to the rental desk at the park entrance, playing the daily fee, and grabbing a stroller. The daily fee that you pay is good for the whole day, even if you go to a different park (just make sure you keep your receipt).

When you are leaving for the day, simply drop the stroller off back at the rental counter and off you go – no lugging it back to your resort. If you are going to be in the theme parks for multiple days, you can also purchase a “length of stay” package at a discounted rate.

This all sounds great, right? Well, Disney strollers are not the most comfortable, are not suitable for babies or really young children, and don’t really come with any “extras”. They are made of a hard plastic, and only come equipped with a sun shade and basket for storing some of your goods. There is no beverage holder to keep your drink, or any additional padding or head rests for your child. These are certainly things you will need to keep in mind when comparing renting from Disney vs. renting from a 3rd party stroller rental company.

Rental Prices:

Single – $15 per day or $13 per day for multi day rentals

Double – $31 per day or $27 per day for multi day rentals

Renting from a 3rd party Disney World stroller rental company

If you are looking to use a stroller that is more like one that you would use at home, then you may want to use a 3rd party Disney World stroller rental company to rent a stroller in Disney World. As I mentioned earlier, these Disney Stroller rental companies are extremely easy to do business with, provide high quality, comfortable strollers, and will deliver right to your Disney resort.

#4) Magic Strollers

The first company on our best Disney World stroller rental list for is Magic Strollers. Magic Strollers will deliver to your Disney resort, but also will allow you to pick up your stroller. Magic Strollers has their own warehouse, and benefit of picking your stroller up at the Magic Strollers warehouse is that you will save 25% on your rental. So, if you have a vehicle and can make it, this can be a big money saver. Magic Strollers charges on a per night basis, with the average cost per night going down the longer you rent.

Rental Prices:

Single – Starting at $44 for a 1 night rental (City Mini line). Price per night drops the longer you rent.

Double – Starting at $54 for a 1 night rental (City Mini line). Price per night drops the longer you rent.

#3) Orlando Stroller Rentals

Another great company that provides Disney World stroller rental options is Orlando Stroller Rentals. Like Magic Strollers, Orlando Stroller Rentals will both deliver to your Disney Resort and allow you to pick up your stroller at Orlando International Airport if you are flying into MCO. Orlando Stroller Rentals offers 5 single strollers (one being more of an umbrella stroller but for bigger kids) and 3 double strollers. You will also get a bunch of free-bees with your rental, including a cooler for you to keep, a parent console, a rain cover, and if you order any groceries from Garden Grocer, a free case of water.

Pricing (starting at for the City Mini line):

Single – 1-3 nights: $45, 4-7 nights: $65

Double – 1-3 nights: $55, 4-7 nights: $75

#2) Baby Wheels Orlando

Baby Wheels Orlando makes this list due to having the widest array of products to choose from. Not only do they offer 4 single and 2 double strollers, but they also offer a sit-n-stand tandem unit, and a “travel system” where your stroller also comes with a car seat. So, if you have a real young one and don’t want to bring your car seat from home or rent one from a rental car company, you can get both from Baby Wheels. Baby Wheels only provides delivery to your Disney resort, they do not have any pickup locations.

Like Magic Strollers, Baby Wheels Orlando prices their rentals on a per night basis, with the average cost per night going down the longer your rental. However, as you will see, their starting prices are much lower than Magic Strollers.

Rental Prices:

Single – Starting at $30 for a 1 night rental (City Mini line). Price per night drops the longer you rent.

Double – Starting at $40 for a 1 night rental (City Mini line). Price per night drops the longer you rent.

#1) Kingdom Strollers

Coming in at what we at Capture the Magic believe is the best Disney World stroller rental option is Kingdom Strollers. Kingdom Strollers does not only provide quality strollers and a lineup of 4 single strollers, 3 doubles, but what sets them apart is a unit for those with mobility issues.

All of their strollers also come with a free parent console that holds 3 beverages, a free rain cover, and free cooler bag. You will also get a free grocery delivery coupon to use on a grocery delivery from Orlando Grocery Express if you are staying at a Disney Resort. What really sets them apart is their customer service – every member of the Kingdom Strollers team is a pleasure to work with, as their customer service is top notch.

Kingdom Strollers will not only deliver directly to your Disney resort, they now have a location at MCO if that is more convenient. Their hours are a bit limited (5am – 7pm), so if these times do not work for you, just have it delivered!

The most popular (and least expensive) strollers are their City Mini strollers. These come in both single and double strollers, and are perfect to traverse the vast Walt Disney World Resort as they are the lightest and most compact single and double strollers available.

Pricing (starting at for the City Mini line):

Single – 1-3 nights: $45, 4-7 nights: $65

Double – 1-3 nights: $55, 4-7 nights: $75

Special Needs – 1-3 nights: $90, 4-7 nights: $110


As you can see, there are many Walt Disney World stroller rental options, but our choice would be to rent one from Kingdom Strollers. With competitive pricing , a wide array of choices, and great service, you can’t go wrong using them for your stroller rental.

If you liked this Disney World Stroller Rental article, be sure to check out our article about the Best Disney World Subscription Boxes.


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