DVC Rentals & 10 Things You Should Know

Taking a vacation to Disney World is getting more and more expensive…that’s just a fact. Guests flock to Florida every year and spend thousands of dollars on park tickets, food, merchandise, and lodging. So for those that like to pinch their pennies, yet want to stay on Disney property for vacation, they will probably opt to stay at a Value or Moderate resort to save some money. But what if I told you that you could pay almost Moderate resort prices, but you could rent Disney Vacation Club points and stay in a Deluxe Villa? It’s true!

So what is a DVC rental and can you just rent DVC points? Essentially, it is a Disney timeshare program that works on what is called DVC points and is very flexible. You purchase DVC points at a “home resort,” but are able to use those points at other resorts very easily. For those that enjoy vacationing at Disney owned properties, and return at least every other year, Disney Vacation Club is so worth it. For many DVC members they know they may not be able to make it down to Florida to use their DVC points that year so instead of just letting the points sit (they are still paying fort he points if they don’t use them) they offer their points up for “rent”, which means you don’t have to buy into Disney Vacation Club to be able to stay in a DVC villa.

The process of renting DVC points is simple, but there are some things to know about before getting you rent your points. Read on to learn more about the DVC rental process and some tips if you’re thinking of renting DVC points to stay at a great Disney resort on your vacation.


You Can Save A LOT Of Money With A DVC Rental Compared To Rack Rate Disney Hotel Rooms

As mentioned above, a night in a DVC room using points can cost a lot less than paying out of pocket prices at Disney World, sometimes as much as 60% lower! That savings is amazing when you think about how much on-property Disney Deluxe resort hotel rooms usually go for. Prices vary depending on when you stay and other factors but that means that if a room was normally in the $450 per night range that by renting DVC points you could potentially get that room in the $200 per night range.


You Have To Pay Upfront

DVC members that choose to rent out their vacation club points will require renters to pay for the entire payment when booking the reservation with their DVC points. There is a liability that Disney Vacation Club members take in renting their DVC points, so they need to be sure that if you rent their points, you can cover the entire cost in case there is an issue later. This is where it’s much different when you rent Disney Vacation Club points compared to booking regular rooms through Disney because when you go through Disney you can put a down payment down to reserve your room but when you rent DVC points you have to pay for the whole stay up front.


Book 11 Months Out For More Choices

DVC members can only book 11 months out from the time for their reservation with points at their home resort, and the more popular resorts are booked up quickly (the Boardwalk resorts and Monorail resorts, mostly). At the 7 month mark, all Disney Vacation Club resorts are available for booking, even if the member doesn’t own at that particular resort. So it is advisable to rent from a member that owns vacation club points at the resort you are wanting to book at in order to get that desired reservation at 11 months out. This is why using a service like David’s DVC is a great option because they have members with home resorts all over Disney property and have a larger inventory for you to potentially rent from.


DVC Resorts Have Many Categories Of Rooms To Choose From

You can rent DVC points to stay in a Deluxe Studio, 1 Bedroom Suite, 2 Bedroom Suite, Grand Villa, etc. There are many room choices and the DVC points required per night vary depending on size of room, location, and which resort. For example, a standard view studio at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort requires less DVC points per night than a 2 bedroom suite at The Beach Club Resort for the same dates.

Vacation Club Points Are Assigned A Certain Value For Rental, Depending On The Resort

As you can imagine, more popular Disney resorts require a higher cost per point than the less popular ones. If you have ever found yourself trying to find someone to rent DVC points from, you might hear, “I have 200 Polynesian points that I rent for $18 per point,” or, “I rent 150 points at Old Key West for $15 per point.” Obviously, the more coveted reservation would be booked at Polynesian based on the price of the points. Again, this is why a service like David’s DVC is great to use because they make this whole end of things simple and they go looking for DVC members who are looking to rent their points and act as a “middleman”.


You Get Free Parking At Disney Resorts

In March 2018, Disney World announced that they would be charging overnights guests for parking during every night of their stay at Disney resorts. But if guests are staying on vacation club points, whether they are DVC members or rent from another DVC member, parking is free. This is another cost saving measure, as you could $100+ during your stay on parking alone by deciding to rent DVC points compared to a traditional Disney resort booking.

Feels Like “A Home Away From Home”

Since DVC is essentially a timeshare, it functions in similar ways that others do. One notable way is with housekeeping. Daily housekeeping is not included in the reservation, but you can add it on at an additional cost. What is included is trash and towel service on day 4 of your stay, and a full cleaning on day 8. You have a little more privacy this way and don’t have to worry about housekeeping coming in to clean every day, like a true vacation home.


You Can Add The Dining Plan Without Having A Vacation Package

When staying via DVC point rentals, you have the option to add on the Disney dining plan to your reservation separately. No need to buy tickets through Disney first (or again). You can purchase tickets from authorized brokers, or just use an Annual Pass if you have one, and purchase the dining plan without having to buy an official Disney vacation package to get it.


Changes To The Reservation Must Be Made Through The Renting Member

If you do decide to add the dining plan or Magical Express on to your reservation, you must contact the member themselves to make the change for you, or if you go with David’s DVC Rental or other companies that rent DVC points, they will take care of that for you. If you rent DVC points from DVC members directly this can sometimes be tricky but when you use a David’s DVC it’s one less thing you have to worry about when planning your Disney vacation.



Using A Disney Vacation Club Rental Company Makes It Easy & Safe

You have a few options to how you can rent Disney Vacation Club points. You can rent directly from a member as there are message boards and forums online where you can find people to rent points from. If you are able to find a member to rent points from, usually, the member draws up their own personal contract and asks for payment through PayPal or other means. There is a lot of risk with this method because you won’t know who you are renting from (more than likely) and there is the potential that you pay someone for the vacation club points and they don’t hold up their end.

That’s one reason why we recommend using a company that specializes in renting Disney Vacation Club points, and our favorite is David’s DVC Rentals. What these DVC rental companies are is essentially the “middleman” between DVC members and people wanting to rent from Disney Vacation Club members. They help give you a peace of mind when you rent DVC points as they take care of all the grunt work for you. They contact the members, receive payment(s), check availability, etc. For first time renters or repeat renters, we STRONGLY recommend going through David’s DVC Rentals for the ease of mind and one less thing you have to worry about when planning your trip.

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