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The Disney Magic Band. Walt Disney World’s miracle invention that allows guests the ability to check into their resort rooms, be admitted into theme parks and purchase most anything on Disney property with a tap of their wrist. Guests visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida have found the MagicBand to be an essential accessory to improve the quality of their vacations. With every on-site vacation booking, guests are presented with a number of solid-colored Magic Bands to choose from; if no selection is made, they will be given a gray one upon check-in at their resort. But now, Magic Band decals, covers, stickers (or skins as they are called) are taking personalization to a whole new level. If you’ve been on a search to customize your Disney Magic Band with a fresh design that is unique, then search no more! You’ll be happy to know that Capture The Magic is now offering high quality vinyl Magic Band decals so you can personalize your MagicBand in more unique ways than possible. If you’re looking for a specific type of design, you can always contact our shop as well.

Why Custom CTM Magic Band Skins?

Although Disney does design and offer a nice selection of different types of Magic Bands you can search for, plus the limited-edition Magic Bands for guests to purchase, the recent trend of personalizing your own MagicBand to suit your style has quickly become a favorite way to upgrade the appearance of your Magic Band. A main reason is with an unending selection of band colors and styles of sticker and decals, everyone can create a unique look that identifies with their personality and interests. Another reason is simple: cost. A special edition Disney Magic Band runs $30 or more and while they are cool, that can get really pricey, really fast. Our custom design and cut MagicBand decals are $5 to $7 each, and we create our skins to fit the Magic Band 2.0.

Custom Magic Band Skin Features

Still not sure if CTM MagicBand decals are for you? Below you will find the features and benefits of CTM Disney MagicBand skins. If you’re on the fence or not sure, just keep reading.

Water Resistant

You can be confident that our MagicBand decal/sticker designs, will last on those days at the water parks, as it will not affect the look and bold graphic design of your Magic Band decals.

UV Resistant Technology

Infused with Lightfast Technology, your Magic Band decal won’t fade in the sun, but will actually maintain their printed colors and designs for your Magic Band decal.

Precision Cut To Fit Magic Band 2.0

One of the stand out features to the Disney MagicBand skins and decal enhancements is that they are precision-cut to fit the Magic Band exactly. The exact size and trim of the decals will fit perfectly on your MagicBand, so much so that others will think you had your Magicband professionally made for a quarter of the price.


No need to be concerned about the durability of the vinyl decal material as it is designed to be ultra-flexible, giving the MagicBand room to move and adjust without creating crinkles or bumps.


Here’s one of the best features of our MagicBand skins. These bands can be easily removed without damaging the original Disney Magic Band underneath. Can’t decide on a specific label or cover? No problem! Pick up a few different designs and switch them out during your vacation to suit your plans!

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