Three Bridges Bar and Grill Review

Three Bridges Bar and Grill Review

Disney is constantly updating and re-imagining things, and Coronado Springs Resort has not been left out. So many exciting changes and renovations have come to Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, and one of those big changes (besides the opening of the Gran Destino Tower) is the opening of multiple new dining options! One of our favorite new places is Three Bridges Bar and Grill at Villa del Lago, which of course leads us to this Three Bridges Bar and Grill Review.

Three Bridges joins Toledo as the newest dining additions to this fabulous Disney resort. Now, with Three Bridges and Toledo being added to Maya Grill, Rix Sports Bar and Grill, and El Mercado, Coronado Springs Resort is the place for foodies to be.

This Disney eatery is located right in the center of the lake at Disney’s Coronado Springs… Lago Dorado! During my most recent trip to Disney World, I had the opportunity to check this table service restaurant out, so I wanted to provide some background on Three Bridges, along with information on the different parts of the menu, as well as my Three Bridges Bar and Grill review!

A Little Background On Three Bridges Bar and Grill

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is technically located in the Animal Kingdom resort area. However, it is truly a centrally located resort, as it is just about as close to EPCOT or Hollywood Studios as it is to Animal Kingdom. Three Bridges Bar and Grill opened in June 2019 right before the grand opening of Gran Destino Tower, and is considered a lounge and casual dining restaurant. Three Bridges sits in the middle of the lake, and is connected to the resort by, you guessed it… three bridges!

This casual Bar and Grill opens daily at 4pm and is currently walk up only – they are not accepting Advanced Dining Reservations. One of the great things about Three Bridges are the multiple seating options you can choose from. Whether you decide to pony up to the bar, sit on one of their super-comfy couches in the lounge, or grab a table in the main restaurant area, there is plenty of seating, and you’ll be sure to take your time to stay and enjoy both the food and atmosphere.

Here is a little about what Disney says about the dining experience at Three Bridges:

Your story unfolds at a lakefront restaurant inspired by dreamers, adventurers and explorers. Like Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, Three Bridges Bar & Grill at Villa del Lago evokes a bygone era in which intersecting travelers shared epic tales over food and drink.

Take in sweeping views of Lago Dorado from converging bridges—all three connecting Villa del Lago, a mirage-like “island” of one-story buildings, with the Resort. Seekers arrive at this crossroads in search of the fabled Seven Cities of Gold—or a romantic lakefront dinner.

Nosh on shareable bites, as well as savory entrees—the menu is filled with distinctive takes on familiar favorites. Consider the fresh combination of fried shrimp corn dogs with smoked paprika fries. Or, how about a gratifying grilled skirt steak with pepper relish and 63-degree egg on a grilled baguette? The restaurant’s Signature Burger caresses your palate with crispy potato, manchego cheese, roasted garlic aioli, arugala and tomato. Plus, the bar features a robust selection of cocktails and signature sangria pitchers to match your mood.

Explore the island’s other features, such as additional seating in adjacent courts. The Art Garden Court is a serene meeting space that features kinetic wind sculptures and 40 seats. The Palm Court has a fire pit and accommodates up to 50 Guests with lounge seating. Conventioneers can use the ample room to gather and mingle.

Our Three Bridges Bar and Grill Review

I arrived at Three Bridges around 5:15 on Wednesday following a conference I was attending at this Disney resort and conference center, and I was able to sit down at the bar immediately. At around 5:20 the rain started, it became a complete monsoon almost immediately, and by 5:25, we were under a tornado watch – a little scary when you’re basically on an island!

The manager, Athena, did not panic. She corralled everyone into a safe space area of the restaurant until the storm calmed down. I was SO impressed by how it was handled and how it was managed. Athena immediately assessed the situation, got everyone to safety and then started with some Disney Trivia with guests. This last piece helped both calm all of the restaurant guests and help us pass the time until the storm passed. I was thoroughly impressed – especially since we were in the middle of a lake!

I was also impressed with how she made a point to bring everyone a fresh meal. Some people had started to bring their meal into the safe area (I guess to keep it dry?) and she immediately let them know to sit it back down and they would bring them out a fresh plate once the storm passed.

As for service— it was pretty good for a newly opened restaurant. Since Three Bridges had only been open for about a week when I visited, I really did not know what to expect. Restaurants have a tendency to be hit or miss on food and service when they first open, but overall I was impressed. That being said, they definitely had some kinks to work out.

The service could’ve been a little better, as they seemed a little understaffed, even though there were a lot of bodies there, and I felt a little rushed. About half way through dinner, I was asked if I wanted my check. I also didn’t have a napkin the entire dinner (I asked for one twice), which was a little annoying and not typical of dining at Disney. I think a lot of that can be contributed to the storm, but I felt like the service at Three Bridges definitely could’ve been a little better.

How is the Food and Drinks at Three Bridges?

During my meal for our Three Bridges Bar and Grill Review, I decided to sample a few items from both the food menu AND the drink menu. After looking at all of the offerings, I decided to start with the white sangria for $13 and went with the Warm Manchego and Oaxaca Cheese Dip for $14, which is essentially a chorizo dip. It was amazing!

The perfectly melted cheese combined with the slightly spicy chorizo, I could have just eaten this cheese dip with a spoon. The chips were fine – weren’t the best I’ve ever had, but the dip definitely made up for the chips, which you only receive a small serving serving of when the cheese dip arrives. However, my waitress, Krystale, let me know that it isn’t public knowledge, but they will give you unlimited servings of chips at Three Bridges so you can have as many as you want. The white sangria was really good!! It was a little sweet, but very good! I also ordered the Warm Churros for $9, and to be honest, I would not order them again.

They weren’t the best churros I’ve ever had, and definitely not the best I’ve had on Disney property. Last, I checked out the La Fresa Limonada for $14 was AMAZING. A Mixture of Vodka, Strawberry Gin, Lemonade, Blackberry, and Sprite, it was so refreshing. I cannot say enough great things about it. It was so, SO good. I am still thinking about it 3 weeks later.



Outside of the items I decided to try during my visit, the menu at Three Bridges Bar and Grill has a Spreadable, Dippable, Shareable section, Salads, Sandwiches, and Entrees section, and Desserts. From the Spreadable, Dippable, Sharable section, I am extited about the Szechuan Peppercorn Wings that come with a soy-ginger dipping sauce, and the chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms with smoked tomato aioli.

All of the main courses look so good. From the Villa del Lago Salad, to the Harissa Lamb Chops, I can see myself eating just about everything from this part of the menu, but I think I’m most excited for the Pork Tacos. And with prices ranging from $12 for the salad to $25 for the Lamb Chops, they are extremely reasonable for a Disney eatery. As for desserts, outside of the Churros, they only offer one dessert – a Vanilla Custard Mickey Tart that comes with compressed pineapple and tropical sorbet for $8. This seems like it might be a rather simple dessert, so hopefully the compressed pineapple and tropical sorbet can lift the flavor profile of the vanilla tart.


This could be the most fun part of our Three Bridges Bar and Grill Review because when it comes to drinks, over the years Disney has become more inventive, having menu’s that don’t just serve your run of the mill beer and wine. Disney has learned to bring their A-game to the bar with a wide selection craft cocktails along with interesting selections of beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks. This trend is not stopping at Three Bridges. Besides offering your standard soft drinks, Three Bridges Bar and Grill offers a Prickly Pear Te Limonada, a La Granada Sprits, a Hibiscus-Mint Limonada and a Berry-Mint Smash.

Each of this refreshing, non-alcoholic specialty drinks will set you back $5.49. If you are looking to partake in an adult beverage, Three Bridges has you covered. They have an extensive Featured Cocktail list that will have something for everybody. From a traditional vodka or rum based cocktail to a cocktail with port or sherry as it’s main ingredient, this specialty cocktail list looks amazing. If the rest of the cocktails on this list are as amazing as the La Fresa Limonata I had, we are all in for a treat.

If wine is your thing, there are wines from California on this list, but where the wine list really shines are with its Spanish wines. From a Rioja to a Chardonay, there is a wine for every palate. Is beer your go to? If so, Three Bridges offers a selection of both macro and micro brews from across the United States, along with Estrella Damm, their one Spanish beer that is on tap. You will also be able to find cider and hard seltzer here if that is what you are craving.

Is There Anything For the Kids?

I don’t have children, but I did pay attention to the Kids Menu offerings. This is where it gets kind of weird. There are many items on this list that I don’t think many kids will eat. Kids can choose from two separate appetizers, Hummus with Naan Bread and Carrot Sticks or a Romaine Cup with Tomato and Cucumber Salad and Ranch Dressing. Both of these are $3. For entrees, Three Bridges offers a Grilled Skirt Steak, Beef and Mushroom Blend Burger, Pork Tacos, Shrimp Corn Dogs, and Plant-Based stuffed mushrooms.

The sides they offer on the kids menu are grilled asparagus, kennel corn with tomatoes and piquillo peppers, coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, seasonal fruit cups and chocolate-avocado pudding (have you ever seen a kid eat chocolate-avocado anything Disney?). If we’re being honest, I wouldn’t eat most of that stuff as an adult, so good luck if you have a kid that is a picky eater. The kids menu ranges in price from $10-$14, so if you have picky eaters, this may not be the place to take them. There was a family beside me with little ones— 2 and 4.

They were disappointed in the kids offerings, so they ended up not ordering anything for them because they didn’t think they’d eat anything. Overall, I think this is just an odd kids menu. Disney has seemed to go this route at some of their newer restaurants, providing options for kids that many kids probably would not eat on a regular basis.

Overall Review of Three Bridges

Overall- I’d definitely go back to Three Bridges, and I look forward to it for my next trip. The food was good, and the drinks were awesome. You also get a great view of the Gran Destino Tower, which is an incredible addition to Coronado Springs Resort. The service can definitely use some work, but the atmosphere, as well as the food and drinks definitely make up for it. I think it has the potential to be a bar I enjoy to go hang out and relax, a lot like Geyser Point, but it has some general work to do!! Overall- great experience!!!!

Three Bridges currently does both a 10% discount for both Disney Vacation Cub members and Annual Passholders on food only – alcohol is not included in the discount. As of right now, Three Bridges does not accept Tables in Wonderland, but that could change over the next few months. So, the next time you are at Disney, head over to Coronado Springs Resort and give Three Bridges Bar and Grill a try.

If you enjoyed our review of Three Bridges Bar and Grill, then you should also check out our Sebastian’s Bistro Review as well!


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