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Trip Tales is a Disney World trip reports show that is all about chatting with guests who have just planned and traveled on their vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. During each episode, Jamie interviews a special guest about their recent Disney World vacation from start to finish – including planning, traveling, resorts, theme parks, dining, and more.

what is trip tales?

Trip Tales is a trip report podcast that gives you a peek into someone else’s Walt Disney World trip planning and traveling experience. On each episode of the show, Jamie Lee (co-host of Capture The Magic Podcast) talks with a special guest who recently traveled on a Disney World vacation in Orlando, Florida. During the Disney trip report, we will discuss many aspects from their visit, like Fastpass+ planning, how many days their trip was, dining reservations, theme park days, what they did (and what they were not able to do) each day, resort stays, extra activities, things that went great, and things that went wrong. Disney trip report episodes are a great planning tool for listeners needing information about how to plan their own Walt Disney World Resort trip.

Jamie will find out what they love about Disney, why they chose to go to Disney, how many days their Disney trip was and what they would do different next time they visit. Walt Disney World trip reports are a great way to gain insight into planning a Disney World vacation and can help you learn about the 4 Disney theme parks (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios) and 2 water parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon), discover what resort you might love to stay in, which restaurants could be the best for your family, ways to save money, finding those hidden gems, and much more.

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What are disney world trip reports?

Disney Trip reports are a great tool to help you plan your own vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, as you can ride shotgun with someone who has just planned and went on a vacation of their own – you can learn from their experience. In a trip report, the guest will detail their visit for you to (typically) read. In Disney World Trip Report posts, you will typically hear about the guests day at Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom, what they chose for dining, where they stayed, and everything in between.

Generally, you will find trip reports if you search on-line where you can then go and read their posts. However, we have taken it a step further, and turned it into a podcast. Each guest on the show knows going into their vacation that they will be providing a trip report for the show so they are sure to take extra notes and pay even more attention to all of the specific details during each day of their vacation. So, before recording their episode of Trip Tales, they have all of their planning and travel information available to easily share with you, the listener. This is all so we can provide you with a detailed Walt Disney World trip report.

No matter how many times you have been to Disney, if you’re thinking of going or are in the midst of planning to visit Disney World, then hearing from others who just planned and went on their Disney Parks vacation can be an invaluable tool in your research. Trip reports can be so valuable because planning a Disney World vacation has become more complicated than ever and it’s only going to become even more so as time goes on.

Reading blog posts on-line is a great tool to learn and get information, but hearing about a day in Disney first hand from someone who has just been there just cannot be beat. Take advantage of the successes and even not so successful aspects of others trips to assist you in making yours the best it can be. The goal of this show is to provide you with real experiences that will help you make planning and executing your own Disney World vacation days much easier than before.

How Disney trip reports Help You Have A Great Vacation

If you’ve ever planned a Disney World vacation then you know just how complicated it can get. If you’ve never planned one, well, just know it’s not a simple task if you’re wanting to have a great time and enjoy your vacation – which we know that you are. In order to make the most of your time, you’ll need to plan each day of your vacation – between which park to visit, which FastPass+ reservations to make, and even where and when you want to eat. It may sound overwhelming, but by hearing a vacation report from someone else, about their planning process, things that worked well, things that didn’t work well, how they did certain things and how they spent each day can be an invaluable tool.

Probably one of the most valuable things about the show is hearing from people who just got back from their vacation, and you can hear about what they would do different the next time they go while it’s fresh on their mind. It’s almost like having a secret cheat code when it comes to planning your vacation where you can learn invaluable information that you can only gain from experiencing it yourself or hearing from those who have already gone on their trip, reminiscing about how things went each day of their vacation.

I know that it’s overwhelming, but don’t fret, we will break down each guests vacation days into easy to digest segments so the listeners can get the most from each report. From a stay at POP Century resort, to park days at Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios, to dining at any of the restaurants in EPCOT’s World Showcase Pavilions, my guests and their trip reports will provide you additional information that you need to plan your next vacation.


First and foremost, our goal is to help provide listeners with the best shows we can on the Capture The Magic Network. We strive to not only help you plan and have the best Disney vacation possible, but also to entertain you while we do it. So whether you are getting the latest news regarding upcoming changes at Hollywood Studios, or rumors surrounding attractions at Animal Kingdom from Jared and Jamie on the Capture the Magic Podcast or getting to check in with Jamie and her guests on Trip Tales, the Capture The Magic Network has you covered from park to park.

Trip Tales is the fourth show to debut on the Capture The Magic Network, and it’s one that we started to provide as a tool for people use during their planning process. There are many things people do to plan for a vacation to the World, we want to be one of those tools, a tool for those travelers that really want to get down into the details into each of their days of a Disney vacation from the perspective of another traveler, someone who might be just like themselves.

When we decided that we wanted to have a show discussing trips to Walt Disney World, we didn’t want to do reports just off of our own visits because that can become rather boring coming from the same perspective all the time, and to be honest, we go to Disney World so much that there are many aspects about planning a Disney World vacation that we forget most people have. For that reason, we wanted a show where we would get different perspectives on Walt Disney World trips, and we decided to have a show where we would check in with different guests who will help us walk through each day of their Disney vacation together from beginning to end. Our guests will provide an overall review of what they did and how they planned, what did they love and what didn’t they love.

About Your Host

Disney World Trip Report

Jamie Lee

I’ve personally been to visit Disney World Resort and Disneyland more times than I can count as I’ve been going basically ever since I could walk. My mom grew up going to Disneyland as a child as she lived in California, and she passed her love of Disney onto me and my sister. Growing up, all we wanted to do was to spend a day in either Disney World or Disneyland (we didn’t care, we just wanted to go to a place we love more often), and were always in some degree of planning our next adventure to the Disney parks.

I’m really excited about what we have done, and what we will continue to do, on Trip Tales, and I think it’s something that can really help people plan their trips, as Disney trip reports (whether you read or listen to them) are a great way to get first hand information from people who just went on a trip. It gives you perspective and variables to think about that you may have never thought about before listening to a trip report. I think you’re going to love the show and I hope that it helps everybody that listens to get the most out of their next Disney trip!

Whether that is things to add or takeaway from your trip itinerary or hidden Disney World trip costs you should look out for. 

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